Monday, March 26, 2007

Waffle-Stitch Madness

Well.... I have finally completed the body of Thermal. Now off to start sleeves on the never ending sweater. Apparently, waffle stitch has become so embedded in my psyche, it has carried over to all my hand knit projects.

Toe up sock with...ahem (Waffle). Knit with Brown Sheep's Wildfoote in SY-300 Ragtime on size 2's -Magic Loop
While I love the toe-up method for knitting socks. I loath the holes on the short row heels. I did, however find this, so I will be visiting the frog pond once again.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Merry St. Patricks Day.

Or something like that.

Well, I hope everyone who was Irish for the day got their fill of green beer & whisky. I discovered a pot o'gold (actually it was more like a yellowish color) errr, package in my mail box. Oh yeah...Another Elvis sighting. My Pal Cindi sent me an Elvis Christmas tree skirt panel! How cool is that? Did I not just say that Knitters are the best folks around!!!
Thank ya, thank ya very much Cindi. You Rock!!!!!

Elvis fever must have spread through the house, because he made a rare appearance in my living room before his bedtime too.

Not much to report knitting wise. Took a bit of a break from Thermal. Picked up the Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl for a couple of pattern repeats. I really love the yarn colors. Can't wait till it's finished & blocked. My new bluebird stitch marker looks pretty comfy in his lacy nest.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Top O'the Morning!

(well, maybe just this once)

Happy St. Patrick's Day AND we have Winners!!!!

I want to thank each & everyone of you for your encouraging & humorous comments. Knitters are the best darn folks around....and while we're at it I've found some new drinking buddies too! You know who you are ;)
That said, here are the winners.

For closest to actual number of stitches knit - Margie of Knit Happens in Half Moon Bay

** I knit 41,506 stitches (pant, wheez...tongue hanging out the side of my mouth) just to get to the neckline placket. I better LOVE this sweater when it's done or I may just my slit my wrists.
I'm on my 4th skein of yarn. So the winner of the drawing - Craftykt

Congrats to both lovely ladies & thanks for making my Waffle Stitch Hell....well, a little less Hellish.

Everyone have fun today & be safe.....And remember, If you do drink & knit you will end up in the frog pond with a hangover.....belch.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I'm a "Wiener"!!!

Weeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy dance, happy dance!!! I just found out I won the Wicked/Eiffel drawing on the Sexy Knitters Club KAL. Jeanie - The Hostess w/the Mostest - is sending me this adorable tote AND some gorgeous sweet feet sock yarn from Hill Country Yarns!!! Again..Happy dance! Thank you Jeanie!!!

Now, here's a little teaser post for MY St. Patrick's Day contest. I will give 2 prizes. 1 prize for guessing closest to the actual number of stitches (just the thought of that makes me a little woozy...more vodka please) and I will draw a name from the peeps that correctly guessed what skein I am on. I will post the winner's names here on St. Paddy's Day..**this Saturday*** in the morning. I will also contact you by email and/or comment on your blog if you won. Good luck everyone!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Socks, St. Paddy's Day, STITCH COUNT CONTEST & Vodka to keep me sane!

First things, first. I finished my toe-up socks while listening to the Lime & Violet Pod Cast - um, obsessively. These chicks are freakin hilarious and have cured me of my SSS. They are completely sock MAD and are very infectious. ( I recently placed an order w/Blue Moon Fiber Arts - Socks that Rock & Lisa Souza) THAT is how addicting Lime & Violet are! Yeah, that was me bitching about socks and there I go buying sock yarn...huh what????

Some simple Pocket Slippers in honor of St. Patricks Day. Gots to have the "Wear'in O'the Green"..Don't want to get pinched. Look how cute these little guys are.
To keep w/my Teeny, Tiny theme....I present....Itty Bitty socks -complete w/miniature sock blocker. (it's a key chain) That was a clever gift from Fabulous Sue.
And Finally, a little contest. This is to keep me from finishing off that bottle of Vodka and NO that's not what you win if you guess correctly. Okay, here's the deal. I am in waffle stitch HELL!!!!! To gain sympathy (I have no shame) There will be a little contest w/prizes. I have just reached the point in the Thermal pattern where I will divide for the Neckline Placket (the area where the buttons will go for those of you not in KAL, but wanting to play along anyway) If you can guess how many STITCHES I have knit (closest to the actual number, YES I counted) you will win a fabulous prize. If there is more than one of you that guess correct, I will draw a name. If you ALSO guess correctly which skein of yarn I am on I will enter your name ;) Please include your email w/your guess so I can contact you.
May the luck of the Irish be with you and I will announce the winner on Saturday....March 17th...St. Patrick's Day.
**** Repeat........The Vodka is NOT the prize. (I need it to finish Thermal)

Friday, March 09, 2007

Your my Obsession.

So here is my Thermal so far ( not much to write home about. Waffle stitch and MORE waffle stitch and Oh yeah, MORE waffle stitch. Get the picture?) And in other news, I just discovered "Knitting pod casts". (I'm sure most of you are rolling your eyes @ my lack of all things computer related..sigh.) So anyway, I listened to bits of about 6 different shows to decide which I liked the best. They are all very different, so I will probably listen to most of them all the way through and decide from there. I did however, really enjoy Lime & Violet. Violet talks very fast and ALOT! (She sounds a little neurotic at times, but is really funny which makes her very likable) These chicks are completely yarn & sock obsessed ;) I've listened to 3 of their shows so far and fortunately for me, there are quite a few to download and that will keep me entertained for a while. Because as you see here....This project has a LOOOOOONG way to go!
Now some of you may or may not know SKC is currently taking nominations for the next KAL. Tons of beautiful patterns are being suggested and I seriously would love to knit each and every one of them. But....Be still my beating Heart!!! This is my new Love. I saw this and wanted to toss Thermal into the nearest trash bin. I am lusting after this sweater. The color, the style....I am head over heals!
Okay I am a reasonable woman (most of the time) and I have taken a moment to gather my senses.
I live in a warm/hot climate. Spring is HERE, followed very closely by SUMMER. This sweater can wait. I am, after all currently working on another cold weather garment (see pic above) that I won't be able to wear for about 8 months as it is. I can be patient. I will be patient.
(Already bought the pattern & yarn) Thermal comes first . (I'm looking for the buttons after I post this) Sooooo..........If any of you would like to NOT knit this sweater also, It can be found HERE

Monday, March 05, 2007

Attack of Monster Micro Needles from Outer Space!!!!

Teeny tiny .
Itty bitty.

Knitting on these suckers is Shitty.

Original poem by Susan of No Knit Sherlock

All my current projects are knit on "Mini Needles". -Makes them sound kinda cute...Like I'm knitting things for a doll or one of those ridiculously small dogs that gets carried around in someones purse.

From left to right.
Thermal from Knitty designed by Laura Chau - Knit on size 3, Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl by Susan Pierce Lawrence - Knit on size 4's and(Grrrrrrr) Toe up socks, a simple ribbed cuff pattern.... again (Grrrrrr) Size 1's! Okay, I exaggerate a bit. It's really not too bad. Look how cute my little
Pumpkin stitch marker from Sue looks with my little waffle stitch on my Thermal.

Here is another shot of the 3 projects I will be working indefinitely. I am in Love w/Thermal so I am alternating working on it with a couple of pattern rows for the FCSS (knit on some loverly yarn from WyeSue)to break up the monotony. That damn sock in the top of the picture has a little (see a theme developing?) bit of gray....So I'm saving it for my Grey's Anatomy KAL. (2 full episodes should do the trick) A little patience is what I need.

Here's a little beauty from my backyard. My Lime tree is in full bloom. Isn't she lovely?

She smells even better than she looks ;)