Saturday, August 25, 2007


We're headed up to the Bay Area for about a week. Sadly, there is not much happening on the knitting front. I have completed another pair of socks, but haven't photographed them together, so here's a pic of the heel on one. The colorway is Oogie Boogie from Dharma Fey's Cosmic Fibers on Etsy. She has an entire series from Nightmare Before Christmas. Fabulous!
I have purchased "Sally" as well. First time knitting with Carrie's yarn and I can report it is super soft and yummy! I will leave you, however, with my most recent stash enhancements. Be back in a week. I'm taking Fifi, who has been collecting dust in a corner and one skein of sock yarn (haven't decided which yet)
Talk @ ya later ;)
Ciao xxx

Friday, August 17, 2007

Gimme some sugar

I am so ready for NBC 3D. Jack did a fine job of knitting these up, don't you think? I snapped a quick pic of them on the blockers, before "someone" thought they would look better modeled.
Jack, baby...stick to haunting and running Halloween~Town. I realize models are notoriously tall and thin, (but this is ridiculous).

I got them back, if only for a moment. Super comfy, knit on size 1 circs - Magic Loop. "Day of the Dead" self striping colorway by Katie of LoveSticks, renamed Pumpkin King Socks by moi!

Fly, Fly, Fly !!!!!!! or not. These monkey's are grounded. Karma colorway by Yarn Pirate. Finally off the needles, after suffering much neglect. Now off to the Emerald City and the Wizard and that funky horse that changes color.

Dead and buried for 30 years. The marketing machine still Lives. Hail to the King!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Tadpole 1

The lazy 'daze' of Summer is in full swing.

Jake has one more month of swimming lessons and staying up late.
One more month for practicing "big arms."

Sooner than later, Summer will end and back to the routine of school work and schedules.

But right now, we will have fun and be silly and laugh till our tummy's hurt.

I love the lazy, crazy fun filled days of Summer.

Chevron Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts
Knit on Size 5 needles
Yarn used Socks that Rock Lemongrass and Thistle
Knit and completed during Jakes swimming lessons

** STR has beautiful, intense colorways. Easy on the eyes, but a pain to block. I ironed the crap out of that scarf and blocked it overnight AND it stills curls into itself!!!

Jack is busy knitting the second sock....but here is one for your viewing pleasure!