Sunday, October 28, 2007

Oogie Boogie Boo!

In anticipation of Halloween I pulled on my "Pumpkin King" socks and took Jake to see Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D.
Totally worth going to the theater to see. (Even if you own the DVD) The picture is so sharp and you are able to see every little detail. The movie really is visually stunning and Danny Elfman is a musical genius in my opinion.

Where has Thing 1 gone???? Oh, well. Thing 2 is ready for the school parade and costume contest. The students dress as characters from a favorite story...So Thing 2 by day and "Lego" man by night! (photo's coming soon)
The Socks that Rock "Dashing" mitts below were knit for Tammy and I loved the way they turned out so much.......................
I knit myself some in Halloween orange! Thanks to Devon, who gifted me with this gorgeous orange Berroco Touche'. Magic Loop on size 6 circs. I used 2 skeins - one for each mitt. Perfect for a chilly night of trick-or-treating.

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Doing the hand jive baby

Nobody ever tells you how difficult it is to photograph your own hands. It's ridiculously hard!
Taken at 7:00 am...not too bad. 1:00 am...blurry. Both the photo and my eyes.
7:00 isn't great, but it'll do.
1:00 is much clearer, but eyes are not. (Time for bed)
7:30 am find high priced super model to work for you.
Killer Bees attack my kitchen radio and then swarm Jake's foot. Don't panic, no children were harmed or stung, but the victim did report a case of cold feet.
Yarn Pirates October Booty Club shipment "Killer Bees" colorway. We are renaming them Monster Mash!
Zen Yarn Garden socks for my wonderful mail carrier Miranda who is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments.
Miranda is one tough cookie and I know she will kick cancers ass!

Monday, October 15, 2007

It was a dark and stormy night

Okay, not really. But it was an overcast and gloomy day and a long, miserable knitting week. I had hoped to be working merrily along on the sleeves by now and well, I'm obviously not.
Remember those size 10's I was thrilled to finally get gauge on. Yeah, well gauge in stocking net is one thing. Gauge in garter is a different beast all together. Now I realize while the Tree Jacket is supposed to be a loose fitting garment, I can't imagine it was meant to be so loose your armpits ended up somewhere around the bottom of your bra. Not very flattering and you can see where this is going, Right? Froggy came a courting and you are now looking at Tree Jacket ~ take 2. This time around I'm using the recommended 8's. It seems a little loosey goosey, but I'm gonna stick it out and pray it works. I wonder if this is that nasty knitting karma biting me in the ass for neglecting Fifi?
Halloween is just around the corner. Go ahead and take a big hand full of these yummy goodies. Delicious, full of fiber and you won't need a dentist appointment if you overindulge. Boo!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Nothing but a two timing knit whore

Fifi doesn't know about us.
You won't say anything...Right?Quick
Loose (size 10's!)
And the RED....
How could I resist?
Fifi must never find out about us.
I feel so dirty

Tree Jacket from Zephyr Style