Friday, March 16, 2007

Top O'the Morning!

(well, maybe just this once)

Happy St. Patrick's Day AND we have Winners!!!!

I want to thank each & everyone of you for your encouraging & humorous comments. Knitters are the best darn folks around....and while we're at it I've found some new drinking buddies too! You know who you are ;)
That said, here are the winners.

For closest to actual number of stitches knit - Margie of Knit Happens in Half Moon Bay

** I knit 41,506 stitches (pant, wheez...tongue hanging out the side of my mouth) just to get to the neckline placket. I better LOVE this sweater when it's done or I may just my slit my wrists.
I'm on my 4th skein of yarn. So the winner of the drawing - Craftykt

Congrats to both lovely ladies & thanks for making my Waffle Stitch Hell....well, a little less Hellish.

Everyone have fun today & be safe.....And remember, If you do drink & knit you will end up in the frog pond with a hangover.....belch.

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