Sunday, March 18, 2007

Merry St. Patricks Day.

Or something like that.

Well, I hope everyone who was Irish for the day got their fill of green beer & whisky. I discovered a pot o'gold (actually it was more like a yellowish color) errr, package in my mail box. Oh yeah...Another Elvis sighting. My Pal Cindi sent me an Elvis Christmas tree skirt panel! How cool is that? Did I not just say that Knitters are the best folks around!!!
Thank ya, thank ya very much Cindi. You Rock!!!!!

Elvis fever must have spread through the house, because he made a rare appearance in my living room before his bedtime too.

Not much to report knitting wise. Took a bit of a break from Thermal. Picked up the Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl for a couple of pattern repeats. I really love the yarn colors. Can't wait till it's finished & blocked. My new bluebird stitch marker looks pretty comfy in his lacy nest.


Jess said...

dayumm. I LOVE those colors. What is that? I also totally dig how your stitchmarkers always match what youre knitting.

Melissa said...

yeah, that yarn is cool!

San Diego is a nice little city. I like it a lot. We have a few great yarn stores around here... are you planning on visiting soon? Let me know if you are and I can give you the scoop!