Friday, March 09, 2007

Your my Obsession.

So here is my Thermal so far ( not much to write home about. Waffle stitch and MORE waffle stitch and Oh yeah, MORE waffle stitch. Get the picture?) And in other news, I just discovered "Knitting pod casts". (I'm sure most of you are rolling your eyes @ my lack of all things computer related..sigh.) So anyway, I listened to bits of about 6 different shows to decide which I liked the best. They are all very different, so I will probably listen to most of them all the way through and decide from there. I did however, really enjoy Lime & Violet. Violet talks very fast and ALOT! (She sounds a little neurotic at times, but is really funny which makes her very likable) These chicks are completely yarn & sock obsessed ;) I've listened to 3 of their shows so far and fortunately for me, there are quite a few to download and that will keep me entertained for a while. Because as you see here....This project has a LOOOOOONG way to go!
Now some of you may or may not know SKC is currently taking nominations for the next KAL. Tons of beautiful patterns are being suggested and I seriously would love to knit each and every one of them. But....Be still my beating Heart!!! This is my new Love. I saw this and wanted to toss Thermal into the nearest trash bin. I am lusting after this sweater. The color, the style....I am head over heals!
Okay I am a reasonable woman (most of the time) and I have taken a moment to gather my senses.
I live in a warm/hot climate. Spring is HERE, followed very closely by SUMMER. This sweater can wait. I am, after all currently working on another cold weather garment (see pic above) that I won't be able to wear for about 8 months as it is. I can be patient. I will be patient.
(Already bought the pattern & yarn) Thermal comes first . (I'm looking for the buttons after I post this) Sooooo..........If any of you would like to NOT knit this sweater also, It can be found HERE


Melissa said...

that sweater is very cool... but with the warm weather on the way... I think I'll have to pass, too :(

Cindiluhu said...

You're really moving along. I have yet to finish my Boobalicious. I'm still in sock mode, although I did finally start my Fraina scarf out of yummy Debbie Bliss 100% silk. Hey can you email me your address, I found something Elvis-ish for you today. The Hancock's Fabric near me is going out of business. You're going to die when you see it. Thanks!