Saturday, July 28, 2007

Summer time.....and the knitting is easy.

Yep, the title is super cheesy...but so am I most of the time, so there it is.
I can't express how much I adore this colorway by Katie of LoveSticks. It's just so perfectly delicious.
I'm such a sucker for self striping yarn and edible colorways.
Ahhhh ~ True love!
Socks knit using magic loop & size 2 needles ~ Yarn Harlots Basic Sock Recipe. Top Down Bonnet from Hello Yarn. Magic Loop & size 3 needles.

Now that's a generous skein of yarn, Right?

Cast on for Fifi ~ slow and steady as she goes. Knitting is a dream w/Calmer and I am so digging the cable work.
I am modifying the pattern to add length to the sleeves and the body. The original is too cropped and has capped sleeves. While very cute, I will get more use out of it with the mods.
A few weeks ago, I purchased a sampler pack from Karen Jordan of Sharing on Etsy. These mini socks were knit with her "Polo" colorway. Cast on 40 stitches and again, basic sock recipe. Magic Loop on size 1.
I call these little guys..."Hey Mickey" and they will be gifted to my Nieces newest arrival ~ due any day now!
All my goodies from my wonderful 'No Sheep For You' Pal, Yvette. Yummy cotton yarn, scrumptious chocolate and more.
Thank you so much, Yvette. You are such a sweet lady and I very much appreciate the thoughtful package you put together for me. I am a huge fan of all things orange, so I know I will find something fabulous to create from the lovely yarn you have sent me.
Keep in touch and thank you very much!
This is how I manage to complete my projects so quickly. I have help ;)
Jack is currently working on my "Pumpkin King" socks for the re-release of Nightmare Before Christmas 3D this fall. He is knitting them on size 1, using Magic Loop with LoveSticks 'Day of the Dead' colorway.
I can't complain, he's doing a fantastic job. There might even be enough leftover for Jack to make a little something for himself.

Rum Runner..............from The Booty Club!

Oh yeah baby! Georgia of Yarn Pirate rocks the house!!!!

eeeeeeeeeee! SO FREAK'IN GORGEOUS!

Now....Who wants a Captain & Coke?

I do!
I do!

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Great Sock Invasion of '07

Summer of socks.
I tend to switch to small item knitting in the Summer and here's proof. I have also cast on Fifi for the Sexy Knitters Club KAL and I'm still working on the second Chevron as well. My first skein of Yarn Pirate from the Booty Club arrived the other day, and I am showing great restraint. The colorway is scrumptious, but I don't want to spoil by posting too soon, so you guys will have to wait a little bit.
The bonnet below is from Hello Yarn and the baby socks were knit using Yarn Harlots basic sock recipe. Do you recognise the yarn I used.....does Sasquatch ring a bell????

Monkey's are chugging along as well as the second pair knit w/LoveSticks "Hula Punch"....Both knit using Magic Loop.

Now which project to start next?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Samantha's Shawl

My first full blown lace project is off the needles, blocked and gifted to Samantha, who turned Sweet 16 this year. Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl was a very easy lace pattern to follow and memorize.

If it's so damn easy...Why did it take you so freak'in long to finish it????

Uh, for starters I apparently like to make things way more difficult and time consuming. So, this being the case, I chose to use lace weight yarn and size 4 needles. (the pattern calls for sport weight and size 8 needles)
I also had to double the pattern repeats so I wouldn't end up with a hankie sized shawl.

Finally, I seem to have the attention span of fruit fly. Easily distracted, I often worked other projects, while FCSS waited patiently in a little lump.

She did, however turn out lovely in the end.

If I were to knit another, I would like to try a more drapey yarn.

I know my Samantha, at the ripe old age of 16, will take great care of this hand knit shawl.

I know she will keep it for many years and hopefully, eventually pass it on to younger generations.

Isn't that what we all hope for? To see the things we create, actually worn and or passed along to others to share.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Fireworks Family Friends

Happy 4th of July!!!
I'm a little late, but here's Jake having fun with sparklers.
Aren't we constantly warning our kids to stay away from fire. "Don't touch that, it's hot". Kinda hypocritical huh?
That's my Brother Chris passing the torch of pyromania to his nephew.

This Bamboo is from my No Sheep for You Pal. It is incredibly soft and the color is amazing. Thank You! SP10 has come to an end, but I finally got to find out who my spoiler was ;)
All these goodies ~ plus three yummy scented, soy wax candles (that I forgot to photograph) are from Susan aka Queue. She spoiled my rotten! Thank you Susan. You're wonderful and so creative & thoughtful in your gift selection. I'm sure we will remain friends....I will be looking for you on the Grey's Anatomy KAL!!!

When I found out we share the same name, I joked we should have shirts made up. You are such a cool chick, Queue ~ Now did you make one for yourself too???

Happiness is a knitter w/a bitch'in new shirt! Love it!!!

My Grey's survival kit. Queue, you thought of everything. What a great package. I am so thankful ;)
Fresh out of the shower and a little too quite, I walked in to find this...........
The fun never ends here at chez Sherlock...

**** Still to come..................
Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl is off the needles, blocked, photographed and waiting patiently to be blogged!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

DSL Tank(ed)

Finally complete. I've got all the ends woven in and had added buttons, but have since removed them because I didn't like the way the tank looked w/them on. I really liked this knit, but if I ever make it again I would go even smaller. The photo looks fine, but the top is very, very stretchy and could have been more fitted. The drop stitches + the cotton yarn = sagging. I think it would fit nicer if the drop stitches were pulled apart more, because I can tell the longer I have this on, the more it will stretch....and at the end of the day it will probably look very boxy. Stretchiness aside, she does take a pretty picture. - If you are a dress form with perfect lighting!
So again, here are the stats: Drop Stitch Lace Tank from Fitted Knits
Cascade pima tencel 7 skeins for size 35
(should have knit 32...oh well)
Color #7013
Modified by knitting in the round & into backs of stitches
Size 7 for body & size 5 for trim
Buttons removed - (trim hides the existing button holes)

Coming soon.................... baby knits and completed Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl

Can you feel the excitement???? Now, I just need to draaaaaaag myself off Ravelry. ;)