Saturday, December 30, 2006

Nutcrackers & Muscles

Let me begin by saying my kid is into Robots & Toy Soldiers or Nutcrackers. Awww, that's very sweet you say??? Yeah, well try finding Robots (non collectible) under $100 bucks. Or where exactly do you purchase toy/wooden soldiers???? I realize Santa's elves cranked these guys out fifty years ago, but since then, they have updated their inventory, right? Well, it was a challenge. I did manage to find nutcrackers & some reasonably priced robots. But I am most proud of the shirt. He is after all, only six. I figure I have maybe one more year of sewing "cute-sie" themed shirts before he rolls his eyes @ my efforts. I found this fabric @ Joann's and couldn't resist. This was his Christmas day outfit....along with Levi's & brand new, bright red converse high tops. He appears to be yelling, but is actually saying "Merry Christmas"!
"Big Legs" as in "Here comes big legs"! He crams stuffed animals into his PJ's for the desired effect....struts around and flexes.

I don't remember ever dropping him on his head......I blame TV.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Spoiled again by my Secret Pal;)

Looky, looky @ all my goodies!
My wonderful Pal has spoiled me once again. Am I a lucky girl or what? It's difficult to see everything in the pictures, but there is a ton of stuff! Little Halloween buttons, a Huge chocolate bar (very pleased with myself for remembering to photograph chocolate before eating it!) Beatles tour maps of Liverpool. Yummy yarns & Colinette pattern book. Hand knit chain decoration...and Christmas stickers & dinosaur toy w/puzzle for my son!!!!
My Pal is the best! I hope she is getting spoiled by her Pal as well, she so deserves it!
A million Thanks!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

MDK Warshcloths to go;)

I can't even begin to describe how much I love Mason Dixon Knitting.
But as you can see here, my addiction was so great, I had to share the love with others.

Here are some of the washcloths, getting all fancied up to be given away for Christmas.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday......I am still recovering;)

Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Wishes

My Christmas Wish is for more FREAK'IN time to complete all my WIP'S!

Baking begins next week, starting with this beauty!

Just because I haven't posted any knitting pictures, don't think my house isn't FULL of half finished projects everywhere. I'm feeling panic begin to set in as I try to figure out what is do-able and what is quickly becoming impossible. If I only had one more week till Christmas. (What's that? I have a week until Christmas???)
Let me start over.

If I had just TWO more weeks until Christmas......

Well, maybe three more.....Or never mind. I'm trying.

(my right eye is starting to twitch....Sigh)

Friday, December 08, 2006

Peace on Earth?

I remember when I heard about John Lennon's death on the radio. I remember, even at the age of 12, feeling tremendous sadness for his family.

Now, 26 years later, I feel that sadness again.

All we need is Love.


The Dakota doorman shouted at the shooter, Mark David Chapman, "Do you know what you've done?"
"I just shot John Lennon," Chapman replied, accurately enough.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jack Frost nipping at your nose

Our budding photographer snapped this extreme closeup of one of his nutcracker ornaments.

I couldn't help but notice that's pretty much how my face looked the entire time I was knitting the "Snowdrop Lace" washcloth. The cloth looked harmless enough, But ended up taking way more concentration than I apparently possess....So I frogged it. TWICE!

Well, it's finally finished and there it is, in all it's washcloth glory. I feel like attaching a note that reads "For display only"...But I think that might be pushing it.

All these goodies are ready to be shipped out to New York.

I hope my Pal likes them.

Very Winter Wonderland-y.

Don't cha think???

Thumpity thump thump
Thumpity thump thump
Look at Frosty go...

Yeah, but let's see Frosty knit lace!

Downtown Disney Shenanigans

6 years old and already making political statements. I believe he is promoting Peace. That's right, make love...Not war. Atta Boy!

We went to Downtown Disney to look @ the lights and get into the Holiday spirit. The pics don't do it justice. It was really nice & there was Christmas music playing all over.

Hey look! Two Christmas hams;)

Monday, December 04, 2006

More Elvis Sightings.......

**** Just for you bashirs_momma!!!! ****

Can you guess which one is the "Real Elvis"????? Yeah, I know, it's pretty tough;)

If you picked #1 - Good guess, but incorrect.
A woman actually squealed when I broke out this move in Las Vegas. Seriously, you can't make that stuff up.
I blame alcohol and friends that encourage me to embarrass myself whenever possible.

If you picked #2 - Ahhh yes, a true fan.....But can you really be sure?

If you picked #3 - You Win!!!!
At least this is the "Real Elvis" to me. My brother & sil on Halloween. I made the jumpsuit and he supplied the wig. Although I think with persistent teasing his hair would have reached heights that even the King himself would have been proud of.

Oh and don't think the madness stopped there. I have pictures of my son , age 3, as Elvis somewhere. Just waiting to be scanned and posted.

In case anyone is wondering what inspired this post.....I blame bashirs_momma. She started it!

Snow in Long Beach & a sneak peek

Just a little sneaky peeky @ one of the dishcloths I'm sending to my Winter Wonderland Swap Pal.

This is the "Twin Leaf Lace Cloth" and can be found @
Isn't it pretty;) I knit up another in varigated Christmas cotton. I love the pattern and it knits up so quick.

I have a second cloth with a different pattern finished but not photographed. The infamous "Snowdrop Lace" pattern. Ugh, my hats of f to all you out there conquering lace. One forgotten wrap and you got crap!!!

Anyway it's finally done & I will post a pic of entire package before I ship it out.

Gotta go, I'm off to work;)

As promised.

The Boys.

In Snow.

In Long Beach??????

Those two trouble makers had a ball!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

I just got back from my Cirque du Soleil focus group that was held at the beautiful W Hotel in Los Angeles.
It only lasted about 2 hours and paid $150.oo smackers -in cash!!!!
Well, anybody that knows me, knows that I LOVE Cirque du Soleil. So the fact I was chosen for this was very exciting. I won't blabber on and on about the discussion...But I think they (Cirque creators) are thinking of resort/nightclub ventures. Or possibly just new ideas for future shows. Who knows, but it was fun and interesting...and they paid me. Win, win situation from where I stand. Nice way to spend a Sunday morning right?
So the plan for the rest of the day??? We are thinking of taking the Boy to Bixby Knolls for a snow day.
What?? What??? SNOW in Long Beach?????
Well sort of. Let me explain. The residents of Bixby Knolls close off the street for the day, and with the help of snow machines, create a winter wonderland right in the middle of Southern California. The temp outside is 80 degrees right now, with strong Santa Ana winds....hmmm.
If we make down there and there is still snow, I promise pictures:)