Friday, September 29, 2006

What did the Mama Corn say to the Baby Corn?

Where's Pop-Corn???

Pomona Fair 2006

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

MasonDixon Swap Cloths

Donna from "Down Under" in Australia was my 'not so secret' swap-cloth pal and she received her package I knit last week. It arrived fairly quickly, well actually, I had no idea how long it would take, but it did get to her in the long run. I knit two 'warsh rags' one in solid pale blue and the other in beige, blue & green and tucked them away in 'warsh-rag reloaded' all from MasonDixon knitting. If you haven't visited the MasonDixon KAL, it's worth a trip to check out how addicting these babies are! I am knitting them up like crazy for Christmas gifts!!! This was a fun swap and I hope the host time I'd like to try the euroflax linen hand towel! Glad you liked your wash cloths Donna & I hope you are feeling better!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

No Knit Weekend

Back from Fabulous Las Vegas and a thousand dollars richer! I hit the Holy Grail on my beloved Poker machine. You heard me right, I hit a "Royal Flush". I'm still in shock. I hit the jackpot on a 25cent video poker machine @ the Plaza, Downtown on Friday night. Mando & I had been in the casino maybe a half hour waiting to meet up with Chris & Eve. What a way to start the weekend! I also had another Elvis sighting. Was I lucky or what!?!?! And....Mando & I had tickets for "Love" the new Cirque du Soleil show with the Beatles music. It was amazing! The weekend flew by so fast, but we did manage to spend one evening with my Brothers and fav nephew, Matt. Did I mention he is now 21! Yep, 21 & parting it up with his Dad, Auntie & Uncle. Of all the trips to forget my camera. Chris took the one of me & Elvis with my phone and the other was for "Proof". Blurry, but you get the idea. Viva Las Vegas!!!!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Neveah's new cap.

Here is pretty Neveah's new cap! She is such a doll!!! I knit this a little big so she can grow into it. The pattern knit up really quick, but I need to remember to pull my stitches tighter so I don't end up with the dreaded "ladder" up the sides. No need to worry, Neveah doesn't seem to mind. I snapped these pics @ our annual Family dinner and you see Auntie Peggy is having a "great" time! For my own personal records, and those of you who are interested, I knit this using Red Hearts TLC 'Baby' in "Fizzy Print". This is also the same yarn I used for the bobble bag pictured below. It's amazing how different it looks.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Toothless Wonder

Here's Jake in all his glory, proudly sporting his Jack-O-Lantern grin from ear to ear. Mando snapped this pic of him talking to me on the phone last night. He called me on my way home from work to let me know he had finally lost his tooth. ( It was the 5th he has lost so far) Actually, it didn't so much as fall out as Mando "pulled" it out. I swear that dang tooth has been wiggling and dangling since last year! Anyway, when I got home he showed me the gap and we sat down to write a letter to the toothfairy. Who by the way has moved up to "Santa" status. The letter consisted of about 4 'I Love You's' and the all important question..."Since you are so tiny, how are you going to carry the Lego Star Wars game I want?" I explained this away with.."Well, the ToothFairy has alot of children to visit, so she usually will take the tooth & leave you money so you can buy something cool @ Target!" Not the best explanation, but hey it's all I got!
So, as I type this, Jake has crawled back into bed, clutching his cash and has reported that "I'm very, very tired and I can't go to school today." I'm off to re-wake my sleepy head with the threat of - If you don't get up, Dad won't take you to Target today. Ahh yes, the all powerful Target. I can get my kid to do just about anything for trip to the "red store".

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Another Elvis Sighting.....

Well I'm still fairly new to this blogging thing and I forgot to mention that I joined a Mason Dixon Washcloth Swap. So there, I mentioned it....Anyway I just mailed my package off on Monday, to the Land Down Under, Australia to my Pal Donna. Who by the way I am not a secret to, because the minute I was assigned to her I emailed her and we chatted back & forth for about a week. So needless to say, surprise blown. Oh well. Donna left on vacation for two weeks and just recently returned and myself having never shipped ANYTHING out of the US held off sending her gift until she returned...(I don't blame you if you are rolling your eyes. I would. It was a total bone-head move on my part) Anyhoo, my package should hopefully reach her in 2 weeks, maybe a little sooner or not...the postal workers always deliver bad news like they are doing you a favor. Donna, if you read this, I apologize for the delay and I will make sure to comment frequently on your blog to distract you from the length of time it's taking for your package to arrive.
So today I came home to find not one but TWO surprise!!!! My son lost another tooth. I think it has been loose since last year and he finally let his Dad pull it the ToothFairy will make an appearance tonite. And I received My package from my Swapcloth Pal Kate @ I feel like she knows me her gifts were so right on the mark!!!! She knit me these beautiful cloths in my favorite colors red & orange and included a yankee votive... I swear I'm in the Yankee Candle store one a month at least. Gorgeous Knit Picks Sierra in 'cranberry' and can you stand it.........."Are You Hungry Tonight?" Elvis' favorite recipes cookbook and matching patch. I laughed so hard when I opened it. I have to add that Kate had a contest for HER birthday last month in which she gave away 3 skeins of yarn to the winner...What a sweet girl.

Kate You Rock! Thank you so much for the best package! You were a great pal to have and I love everything!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

OSSP Gift:)

CHECK IT OUT!!! How beautiful is this scarf! I love it so much! Thank you L'Tanya aka Soul Stitcher for this gorgeous gift! You spoiled me and I am so happy with my gift. This was knit with bamboo and is very soft. I love the criss-cross detail and the natural cream color makes it go with everything. You can bet this scarf will see alot of action all year long.

Well this was my first swap and I had a wonderful experience. Both Pals, L'Tanya and Cindi were more than I could have hoped for and I will continue to keep in touch with both.

It's amazing to me how many knitters there are and it's comforting to know I'm not the only fiber obsessed knit-o-holic out there. Thank you One Skein for such an enjoyable exchange and I hope to meet more knitting sisters in the future!

Thanks to L'Tanya & Cindi and Keep On Knitt'in !!!!!