Thursday, August 31, 2006

Neveah hits California

My great niece Neveah, pronounced Nuh vey ya, has moved from Arizona to California and we all got to meet her last week. She is absolutely gorgeous as you can see, good looks run in the family!! Here she is with my Jakey and Jayson. Jake felt very grown up when his cousin Sharlene, Neveah's Mommy, let him hold her. I am busy knitting her a bunny hat as we speak and I will post pics of her wearing it soon....and since this is a knitting blog, I will include a pic of the "Warshrag Reloaded" from my beloved MasonDixon. p.s. My neighbor Fernando caught my knitting the bunny hat and has requested one for his niece that is due any day....better get busy!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Daniella's scarf.

Here's Daniella with her late birthday gift. She has beautiful green eyes to match her new scarf....and I might have a new member for a my Stitch n Bitch. My Volkswagen girls are showing interest again..Yeah!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Candy Man Can...Oh the Candy Man Can

Doesn't this remind you of old fashioned ribbon candy??? I love the color combo, it looks just like the fancy candies my Grandmother used to set out in a special dish @ Christmas. I found this TLC yarn @ Joann's and fell in love with it. I am making a larger version of the bobble bag from One Skein and I just adore the look of all the little bobbles, like sweets lined up in a candy store! As for the scarf, I used a pattern from Stitch n Bitch Nation. I will give it to my friend Daniella for a belated birthday gift....I will try to get a pic of her wearing it. I used Red Heart soft yarn in "Guacamole" ole!

Elvis Lives!

Gee, I thought he was taller. (mini-Elvis @ orange county swap meet)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

One Skein Pal Gift for Cindi in Florida:)

My One Skein Pal Cindi received her gift today, so I'm in the clear to post pictures. I decided on the clutch and decided to add the little zippered pouch later. My Pal is crazy about horses and I lucked out in finding some buttons to represent that. She is also a wrestling fan and loves Hello Kitty so I included some wrestling trading cards & a tiny HK tin with candies inside. The clutch was knit with 3 strands of Patons classic merino wool and embellished with embroidery, (one strand of the hot pink yarn). The little pouch was crocheted with leftover yarn I had from a shawl I made my Mother-in-law. I have since tossed the label .... one of the main reasons for starting a blog, to FORCE myself to get organized and record information for future projects! -you see how well that's working out for me:( * I only remember it was on sale @ my LYS , it was from Italy and I snatched up all 6 skeins And am proud to say, used every last bit!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Holy Knit....I ran out of yarn!!!!

Don't you just hate this when it happens....AAAGGGHHH!!!!!
Okay, lets back up a second.
Girl see's project on TV and orders yarn to complete said project.
Boy doesn't care for project, so girl decides to scrap it and save yarn for something else.
Time goes by.
Girl buys Mason*Dixon book and comes up with brilliant idea for a "mitered pillow".
Girl "guess-ta-mates" she has enough yarn to complete one side of pillow.
Girl begins happily knitting away, feeling very confident with how new project is moving along and......SCREECH (that's the sound of brakes coming to an abrupt stop!)
Girl is out of yarn.
Girl is upset, okay pissed!
Girl searches for yarn on the internet, what, what, discontinued color?!? Huh, does that say Out of Stock???
Breathe, knit, keep looking, stay calm...what to do....aha Google!
Oh yeah, gotta love Google.
Girl finds yarn. Girl orders yarn. Yarn is being shipped to girl as we speak, um type.
Girl is able to function once again and remembers there is a short person that needs to eat dinner standing next to her repeating "Mom, I'm hungry, Mom can you hear me, I said I was HUNGRY!!"
Now that I'm thinking clearly I should add I'm using size 10 needles and Rowan cotton tape yarn in Swish and Scorched. I set squares next to MasonDixon book for scale.

Another pair of gloves from One Skein

Second pair of gloves complete! These were knit with sock yarn and the are very light and airy. I skipped the beads on these, but as you can see the dropped stitches show up much more on these than on the first pair. - Excuse the pajama least they match;)

Monday, August 07, 2006

One Skein's Spiral-Rib Bag

So after seeing all these completed bags on the OS site, I finally sat down and knit one up. It knit up very quickly with dbl points and I combined Sugar n creams "cornflower" with Berroco's suede yarn. I love the color and texture combination of these two yarns together. I don't know what I'll use this little bag for, but I enjoyed knitting it up. I bet this would be cute as gift bags for Christmas! (lightbulb goes on!) NOTE TO SELF....Must stock up on Christmas yarns! ooooh or maybe black and orange for Halloween!!!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Eve's "warshcloths"

I missed Eve's birthday, so this was a belated gift. I love MasonDixon "warsh cloth" pattern. This cloths are soooo addicting. I have made a ton already. I packaged them up with soaps and she loved them. My Brother Chris turned 37 last month so I made him an apron and gave him a barbecue 'bible' for his. I forgot to take a pic of him, but I will post as soon as I get one. Mando and I took them out to dinner @ Nino's and we all ate way too much. I made a key-lime pie for dessert...yummy!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Felted bowl from July's OSSP yarn.

My OSSP..(L'tanya) sent me this wonderful Berroco yarn in "Romeo" and as you can see I still have felting on the brain. Just look how cute this bowl is, very Country-ish. I used duplicate stitch for the little heart. ( I think it's called Swiss darning, or something like that) It felted kinda of wonky so I embroidered around it to give it more definition. I really like how it turned I'm ready for the farmers market. Now I must get to juicing, it's time for key-lime pie, err I mean "Lakewood Lime" pie.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I know, I know its August, its Summer not Spring, not Easter...but I had to post my two Honey Bunnies in all their adorableness. Blue-eyed Ethan is my dear friend Tammy's latest addition and the first boy to join his family of 3 older sisters and Brown-eyed Angel is my friend Patty's youngest joining 2 older brothers. How could you not fall in love with these two cutie pies??? We had a baby boom where I work over the last year and I made five of these hats total. Great gift to make and give, all the Mommies were very happy.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Fingerless Gloves

My fingerless gloves are finally complete. I knit them with the yarn I received for the June exchange from my OSSP. The yarn she chose for me was hand dyed in my favorite color -RED and has a lot of elasticity so it holds shape really well. This was my first time knitting with beads, which is surprisingly easy...although next time I will use smaller beads. I am very happy with how they turned out and as you can see I have a great deal of yarn left. My nieces want some gloves now and seeing how much I have left over I will probably be able to knit them both a pair and have yarn to spare. I would also like to add that my six year old Jakey took these pictures...not to bad eh??? I thought the toy on the stool was a particularly artful piece, don'tcha think?
Oh and thank you again SoulStitcher for the wonderful yarns you picked out for me!