Monday, December 04, 2006

More Elvis Sightings.......

**** Just for you bashirs_momma!!!! ****

Can you guess which one is the "Real Elvis"????? Yeah, I know, it's pretty tough;)

If you picked #1 - Good guess, but incorrect.
A woman actually squealed when I broke out this move in Las Vegas. Seriously, you can't make that stuff up.
I blame alcohol and friends that encourage me to embarrass myself whenever possible.

If you picked #2 - Ahhh yes, a true fan.....But can you really be sure?

If you picked #3 - You Win!!!!
At least this is the "Real Elvis" to me. My brother & sil on Halloween. I made the jumpsuit and he supplied the wig. Although I think with persistent teasing his hair would have reached heights that even the King himself would have been proud of.

Oh and don't think the madness stopped there. I have pictures of my son , age 3, as Elvis somewhere. Just waiting to be scanned and posted.

In case anyone is wondering what inspired this post.....I blame bashirs_momma. She started it!


Bashirs_Momma said...


Ok. Ok. I will take full credit for starting it... fair enough.
But you had these photos to post, to begin with!

Mojo Nixon was right... Elvis *IS* everywhere! Check out this one!

And give me a few days. *snicker snicker* I am just going to have to dig out my pictures from the pilgrimage to Graceland...

Kate said...

Dear Elvis Lover -

If a part of you is also a computer geek, you must check out this website:

I do believe you can get an Elvis USB Flash Drive.

What more could you want?!?!

I love your pictures :)

Susan said...

That is soooo going on my Christmas list!