Monday, December 04, 2006

Snow in Long Beach & a sneak peek

Just a little sneaky peeky @ one of the dishcloths I'm sending to my Winter Wonderland Swap Pal.

This is the "Twin Leaf Lace Cloth" and can be found @
Isn't it pretty;) I knit up another in varigated Christmas cotton. I love the pattern and it knits up so quick.

I have a second cloth with a different pattern finished but not photographed. The infamous "Snowdrop Lace" pattern. Ugh, my hats of f to all you out there conquering lace. One forgotten wrap and you got crap!!!

Anyway it's finally done & I will post a pic of entire package before I ship it out.

Gotta go, I'm off to work;)

As promised.

The Boys.

In Snow.

In Long Beach??????

Those two trouble makers had a ball!


Anonymous said...

looks like good fun in the snow :-)
It would have been a slushy mush over here with all the rain we have had !!
Dish cloth looks great, if only I had the time.......

Sp xx

Cindiluhu said...

Your dishcloth is lovely. Looks like they were having fun in the snow.