Saturday, December 30, 2006

Nutcrackers & Muscles

Let me begin by saying my kid is into Robots & Toy Soldiers or Nutcrackers. Awww, that's very sweet you say??? Yeah, well try finding Robots (non collectible) under $100 bucks. Or where exactly do you purchase toy/wooden soldiers???? I realize Santa's elves cranked these guys out fifty years ago, but since then, they have updated their inventory, right? Well, it was a challenge. I did manage to find nutcrackers & some reasonably priced robots. But I am most proud of the shirt. He is after all, only six. I figure I have maybe one more year of sewing "cute-sie" themed shirts before he rolls his eyes @ my efforts. I found this fabric @ Joann's and couldn't resist. This was his Christmas day outfit....along with Levi's & brand new, bright red converse high tops. He appears to be yelling, but is actually saying "Merry Christmas"!
"Big Legs" as in "Here comes big legs"! He crams stuffed animals into his PJ's for the desired effect....struts around and flexes.

I don't remember ever dropping him on his head......I blame TV.

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