Thursday, August 31, 2006

Neveah hits California

My great niece Neveah, pronounced Nuh vey ya, has moved from Arizona to California and we all got to meet her last week. She is absolutely gorgeous as you can see, good looks run in the family!! Here she is with my Jakey and Jayson. Jake felt very grown up when his cousin Sharlene, Neveah's Mommy, let him hold her. I am busy knitting her a bunny hat as we speak and I will post pics of her wearing it soon....and since this is a knitting blog, I will include a pic of the "Warshrag Reloaded" from my beloved MasonDixon. p.s. My neighbor Fernando caught my knitting the bunny hat and has requested one for his niece that is due any day....better get busy!

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Cindiluhu said...

What a doll! It is so fun meeting new family members. How is your weekend going? Mine's going knitterly. I finally cast on a sock. Let's see how it goes.