Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Fingerless Gloves

My fingerless gloves are finally complete. I knit them with the yarn I received for the June exchange from my OSSP. The yarn she chose for me was hand dyed in my favorite color -RED and has a lot of elasticity so it holds shape really well. This was my first time knitting with beads, which is surprisingly easy...although next time I will use smaller beads. I am very happy with how they turned out and as you can see I have a great deal of yarn left. My nieces want some gloves now and seeing how much I have left over I will probably be able to knit them both a pair and have yarn to spare. I would also like to add that my six year old Jakey took these pictures...not to bad eh??? I thought the toy on the stool was a particularly artful piece, don'tcha think?
Oh and thank you again SoulStitcher for the wonderful yarns you picked out for me!

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Spinayarn99 said...

Hey Jakey, you are really good at taking photos of mum's hands.....and the toy of course.

It took me a few attempts to put things up on the One Skein blog.

I do like your bowls....I must post a photo of mine...