Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Holy Knit....I ran out of yarn!!!!

Don't you just hate this when it happens....AAAGGGHHH!!!!!
Okay, lets back up a second.
Girl see's project on TV and orders yarn to complete said project.
Boy doesn't care for project, so girl decides to scrap it and save yarn for something else.
Time goes by.
Girl buys Mason*Dixon book and comes up with brilliant idea for a "mitered pillow".
Girl "guess-ta-mates" she has enough yarn to complete one side of pillow.
Girl begins happily knitting away, feeling very confident with how new project is moving along and......SCREECH (that's the sound of brakes coming to an abrupt stop!)
Girl is out of yarn.
Girl is upset, okay pissed!
Girl searches for yarn on the internet, what, what, discontinued color?!? Huh, does that say Out of Stock???
Breathe, knit, keep looking, stay calm...what to do....aha Google!
Oh yeah, gotta love Google.
Girl finds yarn. Girl orders yarn. Yarn is being shipped to girl as we speak, um type.
Girl is able to function once again and remembers there is a short person that needs to eat dinner standing next to her repeating "Mom, I'm hungry, Mom can you hear me, I said I was HUNGRY!!"
Now that I'm thinking clearly I should add I'm using size 10 needles and Rowan cotton tape yarn in Swish and Scorched. I set squares next to MasonDixon book for scale.


Donna said...

so lucky that you ended up finding the colour. crisis averted. phew

Bente B said...

Glad you found yarn to finish the pillow! Love the colors :o)

Cristina said...

i love love LOVE the color combination!! i cant wait to see the finished pillow.