Monday, August 07, 2006

One Skein's Spiral-Rib Bag

So after seeing all these completed bags on the OS site, I finally sat down and knit one up. It knit up very quickly with dbl points and I combined Sugar n creams "cornflower" with Berroco's suede yarn. I love the color and texture combination of these two yarns together. I don't know what I'll use this little bag for, but I enjoyed knitting it up. I bet this would be cute as gift bags for Christmas! (lightbulb goes on!) NOTE TO SELF....Must stock up on Christmas yarns! ooooh or maybe black and orange for Halloween!!!

1 comment:

Monika said...

This bag is very cute with this yarn. I made one myself the other day, but had a hard time finding a yarn I remotely liked for it. I did some changes on the pattern as well. Anyway, I really like your bag!