Thursday, August 17, 2006

One Skein Pal Gift for Cindi in Florida:)

My One Skein Pal Cindi received her gift today, so I'm in the clear to post pictures. I decided on the clutch and decided to add the little zippered pouch later. My Pal is crazy about horses and I lucked out in finding some buttons to represent that. She is also a wrestling fan and loves Hello Kitty so I included some wrestling trading cards & a tiny HK tin with candies inside. The clutch was knit with 3 strands of Patons classic merino wool and embellished with embroidery, (one strand of the hot pink yarn). The little pouch was crocheted with leftover yarn I had from a shawl I made my Mother-in-law. I have since tossed the label .... one of the main reasons for starting a blog, to FORCE myself to get organized and record information for future projects! -you see how well that's working out for me:( * I only remember it was on sale @ my LYS , it was from Italy and I snatched up all 6 skeins And am proud to say, used every last bit!

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Cindiluhu said...

I'm so glad you posted pictures! My digital camera decided to crap out on me. I love everything! Thank you so much!