Monday, March 03, 2008

Shout out to my Peeps!

They're back in all their sugary glory. Best colors around to beat the winter blues and enough marshmellowy goodness to send you straight into a sugar induced coma. I'm totally going back for the green ones too with St. Paddy's day just around the corner. My Tiffany blue friend is sprawled across my newest ball-band dishcloth made from tiny amounts of leftover cotton in my stash. I cannot for the life of me remember what the color names are or what they were originally used for. I only had the smallest bits of each and I had apparently liked them so much, I hung onto them all these years.

Yet another left over stash yarn used up. I think this was from Wicked. Gave these to Kirsten for her birthday. Must find more of these little heart buttons. I love the look of them on the pocketbook slippers.
This has been in my hallway for the past two days. I guess it's in case we forget the way to Jake's room.
I like to sing-ah
about the moon-ah and the June-ah and the Spring-ah
I like to sing-ah
about a sky of blue and me and you.........

Does anyone remember this from a bugs bunny cartoon??? It's been running through my head all day!


mandie437 said...

Great now that dang song is stuck in my head. Grrrrrrrrr
I love that cartoon.
I'd rather have that song inmy head than the one the frog sang: hello my darling, ;)
take that one lol

melcauble said...

I love that cartoon too! It is some really old cartoon (not Bugs) with baby owls who are born singing jazz and are shunned for it. It is an extra on Happy Feet. I think that must be where the idea for Happy Feet originated (similar story).

Ragged Around the Edges said...

I noticed at the bookstore last night that there is a whole book devoted to recipes for Peeps. Cracked me up.

Bashirs Momma said...


Last year I had a great Peep blog post. I may have to repost that one...

Love them!

Visit the Peep research website. Info about Multiple Birth Peeps... The Peep Literature Review... a MUST SEE!

Jess said...

You rock. Really. Someone that can take peeps, dishcloths, pocketbook slippers, green hands,and bugs bunny into one blog post and have it all just work is just amazing to me. haha. I heart your blogging abilities.

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