Monday, February 25, 2008

Chicken soup

I would like to thank all of you for your kindness and comforting words. The knitting community is so giving and all your comments were so greatly appreciated. Thank You. The flu. It's here, it's pissed and it's taking prisoners. Getting better with a steady diet of OJ, soup and fiber. Socks make me feel better & keep my feet warm so I chose to knit up a pair in (appropriately enough) "Toxic" from Vesper yarns. They mirror the colors of my illness so perfectly. Now check out that SERIOUS stripe action...I pulled that off in a heavily medicated (almost to the point of hallucination) couch ridden state. Hell Ya!!!!!

So proud of myself, I felt the need to showcase these babies from every angle....or maybe it's the cough syrup and blurred vision. Call it a toss up.

The mini-clap I knit for Kirsten's Birthday. Used Colinette Lasso that was given to me by my SP9 Spoiler, WyeSue. I have never knit Clapotis before and I'm happy with the results. Guess it was time to crawl out from under that rock, huh???

More sickly knitting. Another knit for the Bug. I'm going to pair it w/an umbilical cord hat from Stitch N Bitch. It will be a sweet "bring me home from the hospital" set. *** Blue Sky Cotton is unbelievably soft, but has tiny fuzzy's that fly around and tickle your nose.
Maybe it was the Leading Lady Oscar going to Marion Cotillard (La Vie En Rose) or again, the medication (we can't be sure) I reached for my old friend Fifi. I've bound off the body and have started one sleeve. Vive La France!


Elena said...

Love that Clapotis. Never heard of Colinette Lasso, but I want to make one with same yarn, colour and size as the one you made! It's just perfect!

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Uhoh, here's to feeling better soon. The socks are lovely. . . from every angle. And the baby set will be ever so sweet.

Jess said...

dude. you almost make me want to get sick with all of that knitting you seem to be getting done. Perhaps it is the cough syrup, and in that case i need to know the name of it so i can order a case. :)

Bashirs Momma said...

Wow! Nice stripes! I gotta say, those are really something else. Love love love them!

Now... do you usually give your friends Clap for their birthdays. I dunno about that.... Hmmmmmmm....

Get well soon!