Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Turning a corner

Well it's been a little while since I last posted. January was a month of celebration and loss. Our Family celebrates three birthdays in January and also mourns the loss of my dear Mother Joanne who passed away nine years ago and now we have just lost our very close friend Robert Mabary. We miss 'Big Bob' who was taken suddenly and unexpectantly last month. Armando and he have been close friends since their High School football days and affectionately referred to eachother as "Bro". Bob was a special man who always had a kind word and quick smile for anyone he met. He is greatly missed but thought of always and remembered forever in our hearts. We know he is playing all the best golf courses and drinking the best beer beyond those purly gates...And I suspect he may get JC himself to caddy every now and again. Take it easy Bob! We love you!!!I have been knitting. It comforts and distracts. Here are knits for the joy that will come to our Family this May. For my Brother Chris & sil Eve's bundle of joy, I knit the 'child's placket neck pullover' from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts". I used the skein of merino wool that came in my Alligator Scarf kit from Morehouse Farms. One skein and presto...One baby sweater. (still needing buttons...)
Baby genus burp cloth from Mason Dixon Knitting. Leftovers from a sugar n cream skein in 'natural' and blue cotton yarn Den M Nit. This stitch pattern produces a lovely, drapey fabric and the color combo is busy enough to camoflauge the messiest burp..maybe?
Would look nice with some Burt's Bees Baby soaps and lotions too, I think. ;)
Cabled baby socks from Pink Lady Knits. The pattern is Owen's Socks. Find it here. Super fast. Super cute. Very little yarn used.
Close up of cables. I used leftovers of my Socks that Rock in Rocktober. Fastest knit ever. I swear you blink and you have a pair of baby socks. Fabulous!

Another everlasting bag stopper. Love. Love. Love. I want to knit a bazillion of these. Did I mention I L-O-V-E this pattern, cause I do. I really, really love it. Hah! finished the second sock to Monster Mash aka Killer Bees from Yarn Pirate Booty club for Jakey. You can see by the fuzziness they have been used....alot. I'm thinking they may glow in the dark, but I've yet to confirm this. ;)
Armando actually asked for a pair of handknit socks.
What!!! Really???? Okay!
Pick out something from my stash and I'll knit them up for you. He chose "Toil and Trouble" from Katie of Love Sticks on Etsy which was a custom order she did for me in October that were mine that I asked her to make for me. (No, not too bitter. But did I mention he picked a colorway that I custom ordered for me????)
Anyway.....I'm over it now. And seriously, you gotta love a man that's not afraid of color. He has also discovered that little secret we knitters share of the freakin fantasticness of sleeping in handknit socks...Heaven! He has requested another pair and has been told he will have to wait. The end.

Wrapping up this incredibly long post is the Tree Jacket. It's done and it's wearable. Can't ask for much more than that.
Happy Valentine's Day to all. Say "I love You" often and mean it. And for those cynics out there...Cupid's got an arrow with your name on it so you better watch out!


Lisa said...

I am so sorry to hear about your loss and I hope this January went smoothly for you.

All your FOs look so wonderful. I love the sweater, Tree Jacket, socks, etc. You have been a very busy bee!

meg said...

Aw, lady. I'm sorry for you guys.

You have been a knittin' fool!!! I can't believe how much you've done and I love it all (especially the Tree Jacket)!

Take care, sweetie.

Kim said...

So many fab knits in one post that I have a hard time picking my favorite-- it's probably the tree jacket, though. I do love it in red.

Jess said...

I am sorry for the people that were taken from you. Its never fun or easy to lose loved ones. Especially people that made your life so much better because they were in it.

You have so many finished objects I am so jealous. I love all of the baby stuff. I definitely say yes to the burts bees. So great! What nice gifts.

mary said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. The baby sweater and burp cloth are perfect. Love the red of your tree jacket!

Robin said...

Sorry to hear about your loss.

I love Tree Jacket - great fit, great color - great job!

jackie said...

i am so sorry for your loss. i hope you and your family are doing as well as you can.

the fo's look great. those little baby socks are very sweet. and your tree jacket looks great! have fun picking out another sock yarn the is really for YOU! take care.

Octopus Knits said...

Wow! So many great knits, and I love the Tree Jacket on you - beautiful!

I'm so sorry about Bob...

Yvette said...

That is some beatiful output there.
My condolences on your loss. He sounds like a special friend.