Monday, September 03, 2007

I left my heart

And the comfortable weather, beautiful scenery and delicious food ...... in San Francisco. Can you believe we actually needed jackets in August???? I loved it.
Walking on the Golden Gate bridge. I appear somewhat calm and relaxed on the outside. Inside, I was freaking out 'big time '. It was really windy, really loud (the vehicle traffic) and really, really high.
"What if there's an earthquake?" ran over and over again through my head.
Calm and relaxed - NO
Stressed out and paranoid - YES It's a sweet picture if you aren't aware of my hyper-sensitive fear of "What if????"
One of my favorite photos from the trip. That water was freezing. There were actually a few brave (crazy?) people swimming in it too.
Checking out Alcatraz and the sea lions from Pier 39. Can you see Coit Tower in the background?
The beach in San Simeon. We stayed right on the beach, our room was steps away from the ocean. They had fire pits lit up a night. It was so beautiful. I wish we had more time.
Bundled up in front of the fire pit. I really, really wish we were still there......Especially since we came home to record temps!!!! I am now convinced Dante's Inferno was written about the inside of my house. It is 11:00 pm and 90 degrees at least in my front room! Southern California is so pleasant most of the time, there is no need for a/c.
We need to reconsider that.


Devonshire said...

Looks like you guys had a ton of fun. Welcome home and your vacation in a box is on its way. I'm sorry again I spoiled it early with signing my name....

Ragged Around the Edges said...

One of my favorite trips was a quick whirl through San Fran. Beautiful and loved the weather. Made me want to go back!

Romi said...

Dude! Next time you're up in the Bay Area, email me! I live up in Sonoma County (wine country). Glad you had a wonderful time! :)

meg said...

oh how i love san francisco. my brother lives there so i get to visit every so often. it's probably my fave city next to boston.

sounds and looks like you guys had a wonderful time. i would have been running the same thoughts through my head on the golden gate. i get that way just driving over it.

Robin said...

Great pictures - looks like a ton of fun! Glad you're back!

Jess said...

Wow, I wouldn't mind vacationing in cool weather. It seemed like a nice break from the inferno, eh?
It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I hear you about the bridge. I would have been like, screaming and cowering away and most likely running as fast as humanly possible to the closest "ground." You are far braver than I.

gay said...

when i visited san fran many years ago i really wanted to move there permanently i loved it!