Monday, September 03, 2007

Christmas around the world questionnaire

Are you religious? Non practicing Catholic. I believe in God and try to always treat others as I would want to be treated. I am also a firm believer in Karma.
How long have you been knitting? About 6 years Would you consider yourself a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced? Intermediate
Do you have any other hobbies besides knitting? I crochet, sew, embroider..anything crafty.
Favorite color(s)? I love all colors...especially reds and oranges.
Do you collect anything? Fabric and yarn. Christmas related, I collect the little "knee hugging" elves and big shocker...I seem to accumulate Elvis things. I wonder why??? ;)
Are you allergic to any fibers or animals? Nope
Do you have any pets? Yes, one dog ~ Cleo
Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate? Coffee!!!! Big fan of the bean.
Cookies or Sweets? Loooove cookies and dark chocolate with nuts
Do you knit socks? Yeah....Doesn't everyone?
If not socks then what? (tell us about your favorite knits) I knit sweaters for myself and I knit gifts as well.
Do you put up a Christmas tree? Yes If not then what do you do?
Favorite holiday treats? Peppermint mocha's...anything with peppermint.
Favorite holiday smells? The smell of the Christmas tree, cookies baking..cranberry, apple & cinnamon scented candles.
Do you celebrate Christmas in a traditional or unconventional way? Traditional Please elaborate. We split Christmas Eve & Christmas with the families because of location. Christmas Eve is celebrated with my side of the family and Christmas morning is spent @ home with each other and a visit from Grandma and Grandpa. Christmas Day is celebrated with the in laws and friends.
What are your favorite holiday traditions? I bake like a mad women for three days straight. My Mother always did this and I caught myself repeating this maniac behavior as well. It's exhausting, and stressful and I wouldn't have it any other way. I also bake or craft at least half the gifts...another crazy tradition I have inherited from my Mother. She always made it look so easy.

I also love driving around to see all the houses decorated with Christmas lights.
Finish the sentence: “For me Christmas is all about....” My son. As crazy as the holidays get, there is nothing better than decorating the house and seeing how excited he gets. It makes me feel like a kid again. It's the best!
If you were a Christmas ornament you would be…….? A gingerbread man. I like the idea of decorating myself with icing and gumdrops...the possibilities are endless.
What was your favorite gift you've ever received? A dear friend of mine decorated a small hope chest with pictures of my son, husband and myself. It was covered with all these family photos and I just started crying. It was so personal and she took the time to make it. I love it so much. Or given? I like to give hand made gifts. Anything I make and gift to someone means a lot to me.
When do you start your Christmas? I start decorating the outside of the house after Thanksgiving. When that's done, I work on the inside. Come December, it's on!
Do you send Christmas cards? Always Do you make them or buy them? Both. It really depends when I start. If I'm rushed, I buy.
What is your favorite Christmas dish? It's all about the baking...cookies, pies..but my MIL"s sweet potato's are heavenly...HEAVENLY!

Carolers are at your door. What do you do? It's never happened, so I would grab a video camera..just kidding. Sing along and pass out drinks. :)
When do you open presents? Christmas Eve we exchange and open gifts with my family and we let our son open one present from us. Christmas eve or Christmas morning ? Christmas morning for Santa's gifts and gifts to each other and later we exchange and open gifts with the in laws.
Do you celebrate with family or friends or both?
Both, because friends are my family as well.


Robin said...

If I had to answer the first question, I would answer it EXACTLY the way you did. Totally agree!

Dorothy said...

I'm a huge fan of peppermint mochas too. But, only at Christmastime. Afterwards they don't interest me!

Knittymuggins said...

Thanks so much for sharing Susan! I'm with you on Karma and those peppermint mochas :) Hope you're enjoying the swap so far and thanks so much for filling out your questionnaire!