Saturday, August 25, 2007


We're headed up to the Bay Area for about a week. Sadly, there is not much happening on the knitting front. I have completed another pair of socks, but haven't photographed them together, so here's a pic of the heel on one. The colorway is Oogie Boogie from Dharma Fey's Cosmic Fibers on Etsy. She has an entire series from Nightmare Before Christmas. Fabulous!
I have purchased "Sally" as well. First time knitting with Carrie's yarn and I can report it is super soft and yummy! I will leave you, however, with my most recent stash enhancements. Be back in a week. I'm taking Fifi, who has been collecting dust in a corner and one skein of sock yarn (haven't decided which yet)
Talk @ ya later ;)
Ciao xxx


tiennie said...

Have a good time!

Katie said...

I love San Francisco. We have family that live up that way and always stop at Pompeii's Grato (I have no idea if I spelled that right) in Fisherman's Warf. Have a super time!

Anonymous said...

Love the new yarn additions!!! Your socks look awesome. Have a great time up North.

Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

I am here, which means that I got your package! :-)

I think words are not strong enought express my gratitude to you. You have rotten spoiled me! :-)


I love everyting! I see you are an experienced knitter but you are also a wonderful sewer! :-)

I so love the Lobster Project bag you made especially for me! It was so thoughtful of you to make it lobsterish! :-)

And the yarn is wonderful! I had never heard of Hill Country Yarns before. The colorway is so yummy! I love Rapsberry! :-)

My kids were also thrilled with the goodies you sent for them! Thank you for also thinking of my little ones! :-)

By the way, your little one is very cute too! Especially with his face all painted! I hope it was washable marker though... LOL

Now, I feel like I could go on and on and on about all the goodies you sent me, but that would take too long and I am not sure that comment box would allow me to do so... (I am not sure if characters are limited here or not)

But I am going to post about your wonderful package in my blog...

Have a great vacation in San Francisco.

Huge {{{HUGS}}}
Isabelle, your V V spoilee :-)

Jess said...

Have fun! Do have a martini for me.

I really like the sock yarns select. Always makes me want to spend money. Hey, wait...

Eh, I heart you anyways.