Saturday, July 28, 2007

Summer time.....and the knitting is easy.

Yep, the title is super cheesy...but so am I most of the time, so there it is.
I can't express how much I adore this colorway by Katie of LoveSticks. It's just so perfectly delicious.
I'm such a sucker for self striping yarn and edible colorways.
Ahhhh ~ True love!
Socks knit using magic loop & size 2 needles ~ Yarn Harlots Basic Sock Recipe. Top Down Bonnet from Hello Yarn. Magic Loop & size 3 needles.

Now that's a generous skein of yarn, Right?

Cast on for Fifi ~ slow and steady as she goes. Knitting is a dream w/Calmer and I am so digging the cable work.
I am modifying the pattern to add length to the sleeves and the body. The original is too cropped and has capped sleeves. While very cute, I will get more use out of it with the mods.
A few weeks ago, I purchased a sampler pack from Karen Jordan of Sharing on Etsy. These mini socks were knit with her "Polo" colorway. Cast on 40 stitches and again, basic sock recipe. Magic Loop on size 1.
I call these little guys..."Hey Mickey" and they will be gifted to my Nieces newest arrival ~ due any day now!
All my goodies from my wonderful 'No Sheep For You' Pal, Yvette. Yummy cotton yarn, scrumptious chocolate and more.
Thank you so much, Yvette. You are such a sweet lady and I very much appreciate the thoughtful package you put together for me. I am a huge fan of all things orange, so I know I will find something fabulous to create from the lovely yarn you have sent me.
Keep in touch and thank you very much!
This is how I manage to complete my projects so quickly. I have help ;)
Jack is currently working on my "Pumpkin King" socks for the re-release of Nightmare Before Christmas 3D this fall. He is knitting them on size 1, using Magic Loop with LoveSticks 'Day of the Dead' colorway.
I can't complain, he's doing a fantastic job. There might even be enough leftover for Jack to make a little something for himself.

Rum Runner..............from The Booty Club!

Oh yeah baby! Georgia of Yarn Pirate rocks the house!!!!

eeeeeeeeeee! SO FREAK'IN GORGEOUS!

Now....Who wants a Captain & Coke?

I do!
I do!


Octopus Knits said...

I agree, that colorway is wonderful! The socks are great, and what a cute hat! I definitely have Fifi envy... I haven't been able to justify buying more yarn to my self yet...

Nice knitting, Jack!

Zonda said...

I love that colorway! Thanks for the site! Cute socks and hat. I love the Rum Runner too!

Melissa said...

Fifi looks great so far! Thats definitely on my to-knit list.
I love the sock yarn, too!

Robin said...

Fifi looks INCREDIBLE!!! I have to get back to mine - next week!

Penny said...

Jack is probably the cutest thing I will see all week! You set him up so well, with the yarn wrapped around his finger so he has good tension...great picture. I like the Mickey socks, too.

Jess said...

Jack looks mighty sexy with those needles in hand. I LOVE that colorway. I need to get some, my hubby would flip. We are huge Nightmare before Christmas fans.
Fifi looks good, socks are looking great, everything is yummy as usual.
For a second I was like- what's with all the baby stuff?!? But the truth was there, I just had to re read. Tee hee.
Now pour me my drink. ;)

allie said...

Mmm... love all your new yarn. The socks and hat are great, I can't believe it's self-striping! It looks like I need to find a Jack of my own so I can churn out some knits like yours.

meg said...

i LOVE that striped yarn - great colors.

the tops looking fab, as well.

seriously, that's the best knitting helper i've ever seen.

Jess said...

oh one more thing, those first pair of socks, is that your own pattern? I want to make those. that length. NOW.

Yarn It said...

Hey Susan - I just saw that you asked a question in the comments section of your post on the SKC site if you should skip bust shaping. I had to rip mine out. Because of the stretchiness of the yarn and the gauge it created huge holes. I am not sure how you have proceeded, but I would NOT do the shaping! That being said, your top looks great!

Carrie Penny said...

on may way through the scavenger hunt on Virt. vaca and I just had to say your knitting Jack pic was sooooooooo cute!

Monica said...

I WANT your Jacky!! I want a Skellington of my own! I have Jack pillows.... but no dolls. That's awesome.