Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bringing back the Oldies.

Remember this???? The shrug I made for the Grey's Anatomy KAL.
Well, I dusted off the cobwebs and finally finished the other sleeve.
In case you don't remember, I wasn't happy with the sleeves, but I
dug it up and finished it anyway.
So, now it's done. I tried it on. Thought to myself ...Hmmm, it's O.K. and
I might? wear this in public. Took some more lame photo's of myself for
the blog. Wah- Lah! More bathroom mirror shots.

Armando "What's that?"

Me "A shrug."

Armando "A shrug?????"

Me "Yeah....."

SMIRKS and looks away!

Armando "That looks like something an Old Lady
would wear ."
I was horrified....I don't think this will ever see the light of day.


Kate said...

finishing machine!
work it with the right shirt underneath. :)

Kate said...

Susan! You are correct - it's Cristina over at string*Theory. :)
I'll post tomorrow telling about how wonderful she is but wanted to let you know you were right on the money.
I almost mentioned I was plotting a Clapotis but held back as I didn't want to be tooo obvious. :)

allie said...

Oh so sad... but every now and then the finished project doesn't turn out exactly how you want it. It would make a nice shawl for reading or blogging: nice and warm.

Mary said...

I love it! It is very stylish! There are lots of things people wear now that possibly our grandmothers would wear..but it is how you wear it and attitude of course!

Someone said something very similar to me at work a couple of weeks ago. I made a Rowan crocheted shawl out of the Vintage Knits. Grrr. I was so mad!

Nickerjac said...

Its up to you, you are never going to wear it if you don't like it, what about changing the sleeves? I'm just impressed when people have finished items :)

cristina said...

it super cute!!! i love it...

Tasha said...

boys are dumb. I think it's adorable.

Karls_Mommy said...

Really? I think it is awesome. I would love the pattern, seriously. Of course I am a bit Goth, so maybe I am more drawn to 'vintage' wear...? I don't know, but I really like it, and think it looks flattering on you.

Pheelya said...

I think it looks great! Nice job.