Saturday, February 03, 2007

Party like a Rock Star!!!!!!!

Or a 6 year old.... Jakey modeling the "No Hair Day"
cap I knit for The Children's Hospital
of Boston. I found out about this project
though lovely Kate's blog...
Who is a Superstar in my opinion, for all
the charity knitting she does;) If you want
to help out, contact Kate ( the organizer,
different from the above mentioned, but
equally as lovely I'm sure!).

Don't you think every child should be this happy?
I sure do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nickerjac said...

What wonderful pictures :)

Kate said...

I hadn't even started my fun fur hats! You are the rock star - but your pictures got me in the mood & I'm about halfway done with 1 :)

I wish I had a fun model though...