Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Boil, boil, toil & trouble!

Happy Halloween!

Here is Jakey in the school literacy parade. He won for most creative. The children were supposed to dress as a character from their favorite book & Jakey was Los Chimichangos from "Skippy Jon Jones". It was very cute to see all the kids in costumes.
The two goblins here are Jake & his cousin Jayson. Jakey lasted about 1 minute in that plastic alien mask, before he put it on top of his head! He was so sweaty! Jayson was soooo cute as a T-rex. We had a house full, Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Anna, Uncle Gene, Cousins Sharlene, Alexis, Neveah, Tim, Analiese, Alex, Jayson and our neighbors Fernando, Diana & Cristian. I honestly don't know how they all fit in my house!! I made lasagna & Italian wedding soup...yumm. We all had such a great time and the kiddo's wore us out trick or treating! It seems that more and more people are out every year. We even ran out of candy & had to make a quick run for more.
This here was my treat! Pumpkin Beer. Soooo Gooood!

Well, another Halloween has come and gone. Now to start thinking about Thanksgiving. I will be obsessed with the Food network this month. I feel like I have put on 10 pounds just thinking about all the goodies to bake & cook.

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