Sunday, November 05, 2006

Grey's Anatomy = Grey Shrug....

I can see the finish line!

One or two more rows for the trim maybe. I'm not happy with the sleeves. I think I will frog it & space the shells farther apart, because right now it is very "bell" shaped.
All in all it's turning out okay, seeing as I didn't even come close to using the recommended yarn. Mine version is closer to cardigan than a shrug, but I still like it:)

Now about Grey's.
Here is what I loved about the last episode.
Callie"s response to George. "Quit chasing me.......Unless your ready to catch me" I really like Callie more & more. I also loved that Izzie is back. She's back with her all her quirkiness, self doubt, intelligence and charm. I swear I cry every episode she is in. I love how "in tune" she is with human emotion. I love that Dr. Bailey caught Christina writing on the know the Sh!t us gonna hit the fan! and lastly I love that Alex is showing interest in ObGyn....I still want him to be a "Good" guy.

What I hated about the show.
Nacy Pants Mc Bitchy Butt! What a @%&*!
I hate that George stood there like an idiot & let Callie walk away.
I hate that McDreamy needs "time alone" gag.....
and I really hate that McSteamy's clothes stayed on the entire episode.


keri said...

The shrug is beatiful, love the color and the lacyness!

All your thoughts on Grey's were so funny and true! I like callie more and more and I am interested to see what Alex does about the little info he overheard between her and mcsteamy.

Kate said...

I love your shrug - I'm still working up the courage to attempt my first garment - I"m thinking it will be a shrug as well. And I totally agree with Grey's Anatomy! I'm looking forward to Thursday! But sometimes, I can't knit while I watch it because I am so enthralled with the show :)

Susan said...

Tonights the night! Happy watching;)