Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Yeah, one more day until "Grey's Anatomy"!

I am working on a grey shrug for the KAL and I thought I'd include a picture of Jakey modeling the cap I made for Allie's Birthday ( since it is grey also ). I made her a scarf to go with it and I will post as soon as Tammy sends me pics:) I really like this little cap, although on Jake it reminds me of Damien from the Omen....(remember him in his little British school uniform) Ugh! Maybe I should check for three 6's!
"It's all for you Damien!"


Wendy said...

Jakey and the hat are adorable!Great job.

AmberCake said...

Great hat! Is it all crochet? The brim looks knitted. Nice neutrals combinations, though. Yummy.

Susan said...

Thanks guys:)
The brim is knit and the cap is crochet.