Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mars Attacks!

Is there life in Outer Space??? Do you believe??? (Well what do think happened to Elvis?) We sent out the first signal using Koigu #843D. This was a good start for establishing communication, because these socks could definitely be seen from Outer Space.
Strange creatures started to invade No Knit Sherlock! Creepy noises were heard late at night and there was electricity in the air. We gathered our courage and waited for a sign.
Wondering if the brilliant light beam cast from Jakey's socks may not be enough, I tried making contact with this ancient wooden tool. This device is sure to work as it could not have been made by human hands. You must have inter-galactic powers to operate it.
Our signal was received. The first invader came by way of my computer. He is very shy, and I consider myself lucky to have actually captured this image on film. Most of the time he just hangs around the monitor. Sometimes he jams the frequency and the system locks up. Other than that he pretty much keeps to himself.
Then this little guy came along. He's harmless as well, with the exception of his all fiber, all the time diet. I am forced to knit up my stash, just to keep him from devouring it all. He looks a little too comfortable in my Lisa Souza LimeNViolet sock yarn. Better knit those up quick for Alex before ET gets any ideas. Does he look hungry to you?

He's also very athletic by the way. See here, he came with his own rowing machine. Just because you are visiting other planets is no excuse to skip your daily work out. This tiny alien is very health conscious, in case you were wondering. (high fiber diet and all) Oh No!
Those sneaky martians have taken over Jake & Christian. I am powerless to resist. Will I be next??????
It's all a lie! They do not come in Peace.
Houston...We have a problem.

Jakes socks knit with: One skein of Koigu, Color #843D, Size 2 circular, Magic Loop Method, Basic Toe-Up Pattern.
On the needles May 25th
Off the needles May 27th
Alex's socks knit with: Lisa Souza "Sock", Lime N Violet colorway, size 1 circular, Magic Loop Method, Basic Toe-Up Pattern.
On the needles May 30th
Off the needles ???


Kate said...

you are hilarious :)

Romi said...

Hee. I love the alien. :)

yvette said...

Your aliens are great, socks are cute too.

Jess said...

This is why I love you AND your blog. :) Fo serious.
The socks rock my feet off.

Bashirs Momma said...

I lurv your little green guy! He is great! Good to know socks are popular in deep space, too.

I had an Elvis sighting at my local park... I am behind in blogging, but this week I will post a photo.


SP10 Pal said...

rock on dude! You crack me up!

BTW . . . has video's of spindle spinning, it helped me a ton.