Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Today's letter is "S" as in ..........

Stash enhancement. Gaze upon the 'Holy Grail' of Sock yarns.....Vesper (que orchestra) Do not attempt to adjust your monitor. Just sit back and take in the glory of Julia's work. I scored 4 hanks in all. From left 1 muddy water, 1 toxic & 2 wild berry. My SP will be gifted with a lovely wild berry as it showcases 2 of her favorite colors. It was a feeding frenzy when her site went up w/the new stuff and I think she sold out in like 10 minutes. In case any of you are wondering...Oh Yeah, it's worth it...........Self Striping people. I seriously want to take a bite out of them!
Okay, onto the next "S"...........
Toe up Socks in Wild Berry -Vesper Sock Yarns- and....notice anything different from their waffle cousins below. Do you see it??? No Holes!!!! Hall-e-freakin-lu-yah!
Thanks to Miso Crafty for her fantabulous tute :0)
Toe up on magic loop. K2P2 for 2 rows then Knit one row for the ribbing.
Now onto - s at the end of that one, cause there's only just the one. I estimate my Thermal will be complete by the middle of Summer. Most likely when there are record breaking temps outside. My timing is waaaay off on this one. Keep telling self...Early for next Winter.
More Stash enhancement. 2 hanks of Plymoth Fantasy Natural cotton, 1 hank of Socks that Rock in Rocktober, 2 hanks of Knit Picks Shimmer and 1 cake of Summer Berries Motomo Gallery yarn from Valerie who was de-stashing.

**That about sums it up for now.
Oooops! I almost forget to confess, that I have additional yarn & fabric still to come by way of the US Postal service. So I will leave you all with one last "S" word.
Okay, technically 2 words, but does it really matter???? I need to practice some Self restraint.
See Ya!


Jess said...

OH MAN. I am uber jealous. Seriously. I am ACHING to buy yarn. I have like 7 weeks until I can use that many S's. JealouS. :)

Wye Sue said...

Seriously splendid stash spending sublime socks

Wicked colours, you are going to have some happy happy feet (sorry I couldn't cope commenting all in ssss's !!)

Melissa said...

that yarn is SOOO beautiful!
Thanks for the compliments on my hat ;)

meg said...

what a fabulous enhancement. all of the yarn rules!!

the vesper socks rock, too.

Margie said...

That yarn is gorgeous! I'd be happy to save you from having to figure out what to do with the leftovers, too.;) I had to order a needle to finish a new pair of Monkeys so I succumbed too. I needed some solids to go with my leftovers. Nothing quite so lovely as yours, but I did get some at Stitches West a few weeks ago and haven't used any of it yet.

Michelle said...

lovely socks and *yay* for no holes!! Just a quick question as i've just started knitting socks. after you have finish unwrapping the sts for the short row heel, do u pick up sts to close the holes between the heel and instep part?