Sunday, April 15, 2007

Enhancing, Pod Casting, Cap Wearing, Oh My! (and a little dog too)

As mentioned in a previous post, here are the latest additions to my stash. From left to right: Duet Sock Yarn in 'Hot Flash' & a toe-up pattern w/afterthought heel, Lisa Souza - Lime N Violet, Koigu KPPPM in P83084 & P207196 The Koigu are just gorgeous! I am tempted to purchase a skein of every color.

Cheshire Cat is for Alex of Lixie Knits It. I learned of her Podcast (available on iTunes - go check it out) through the loverly Nic. Alex gave my little o'l blog a mention, awfully sweet of her, so I in turn am giving a nod back to her. Her podcast is very entertaining and informative in regards to all things knitting & fiberlicious in the great big blog-osphere & beyond. And seriously, who can resist that adorable accent. Give her a listen, you won't be disappointed. Cheers Alex - "see" you at Nic's Baby Shower!

A little sneaky, peeky @ the Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl. Still a way to go as I'm using size 4's instead of the recommended 8's. But oooh she is devine. Just look at the beautiful colorway. Thank You again Sue!
Aha! caught 'ya! One of my nieces in her newsboy cap. Hello Beautiful Alex...Whose your favorite Auntie?
And yet another...My Sister-in-Law Anna & daughter Alex. I love capturing 'hand-knits' in the wild. In Southern California it's a rare thing indeed. This ferocious beast was guarding the counter in the glass shop in San Diego where I purchased this. Click on pic to read the warning sign. Hilarious.
Finally, Thanks to everyone for all the nice Birthday wishes. I had a lovely weekend with friends & family. I'm thinking I might stick at 39 or possibly subtract a year instead of adding. I'll let you know what I decide next year when I turn 38. ;)


Lisa said...

The in-action hat wearing is great! Looks like they love the hats you made them!

I have a toy poodle and although she appears very cute, if you are a vet or work in a vet office, watch your fingers!!!!

By kids think she is cute, but very annoying. Little dogs have them same attitude as short man syndrom!

Jess said...

The yarn you are using for your shawl is just amazing. I love the colorway. I just felt like I needed to tell you yet another time. Your hats in action look awesome as well. I wish I could pull something like that off, because they look totally radtastic.

Cindiluhu (Freezebabee) said...

Happy belatd Birthday! I'm so bad, I still haven't finished my first sock this month, although I'm almost done with the heel and you know how fast they go once you start working on the foot. Ox will be modeling his socks in his whole outfit Saturday so I'll try to update my blog on Sunday. Have a good weekend!

Susan said...

Hey! What part of Cali are you in? I'm Susan from San Diego and I found your blog from your post on the CoffeeSwap2 blog. It looks like we're both in 4 of the same KALs. What can I say - Great minds think a like! lol.

Susan & her blog

Kate said...

Hey Susan! Thanks for the comments. :)
So seriously - I haven't blocked clapotis yet - big party at my house tonight but honestly, I just don't want the project to end. I love that shawl/scarf/wrap. Love. It. :)

Amy said...

love the hats you made for your family. :)

what yarn are you using for your shawl? the colors are absolutely beautiful!

YarnThing said...

Love the hats...think I will have to make one!