Tuesday, February 27, 2007

You make me feel like a natural Woman.....

So the saying goes..."Curiosity killed the cat". Not true. "Curiosity knits with Hemp". And boy, have I been curious about this fiber. I present to you - The 'Shop till you drop' Bag -in all it's "Hemp-y" glory. Love this fiber sooo much! I now feel brave enough to try something wearable ;) Very fun pattern, although I did have a bit of a rocky start..(you can see how the bag is a little wonky on the bottom left) and the straps! grrrr.....A word to the wise....Linen stitch & Lost don't mix. I scrapped these buggers 3 times while I was watching that show. But now it's done and I'm off to go shopping! *****I used 2 skeins of allhemp6 dk #102 in Pumpkin and the yarn & pattern can be found here.

This little cutie was my first try at color work. Very easy, very quick project. I gave this to my girlfriend Kirsten for her birthday. It's the cosmetic bag from Holiday Knits. I used sugar n cream cotton in brown, rose & cream from my stash. It reminds me of a Neapolitan ice cream sandwich. This bag is also lined which adds even more detail to an already super cute design!

some of you may have noticed the lack of a completed sock post....sleep easy, I am working on the ribbing as we speak. (freakin size 1 needles should be outlawed!)


Robin said...

I imagine the hemp would make a great market bag! Looks great and I love the orange color! I may have to attempt one after I recover from knitting Eiffel with hemp.

allie said...

I love that adorable make-up bag. Holiday Knits has been "Knitting Books I Want" list for a while, there's some incentive for its purchase. Love the hemp bag, orange must be your signature color.

Jess said...

You just seem to pump out the handknits. Crazzzy style. I love the make up bag. LOVE it. Is Holiday Knits a book you knit from alot?
I also think your hat is quite cute as well. Its a really great color for it, whatever the content!

Stephanie said...

Oh, I love the little purse!

I like little purses best. My theory is that if I can't fit everything I want to bring into my purse, then I do not really need to bring it with me. This excludes knitting projects, of course.