Tuesday, January 16, 2007

the Sock, the Sweater and the Scarf.

Alrighty, here I go again. The first item that was started, and stopped was the sock. One down, one to go. Yes I believe we have SSS here...But I am loving the way that sock yarn goes with.....the second item started, then stopped. "Wicked" from the Sexy Knitters Club KAL. Now this one was stopped because I ran out of yarn. I was stash busting & used 2 balls of Rowans Cashsoft in Clementine that I purchased a while back. And don't worry, I have learned my lesson and made sure to order more yarn before the project even began. It is on it's way from here right now. Lastly is the scarf, which I started and am currently working on. It is knit with Colinette mohair in Magenta and the pattern is Pomegranate from the Colinette pattern booklet Arboretum....which was gifted from my Wonderful Secret Pal....Who btw is still a secret;)
Close up of short row heel. Sock yarn was purchased from Etsy shop called Ruby Sapphire Yarns. They are a Mother/Daughter business and have beautiful sock yarns. Check them out.
Close up of neckline on Wicked. I can't wait to get back to this. The yarn is Heavenly and so is the color. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I used the correct size. I fell in between, so I went with the larger to be safe......We'll see.
My spiders web mohair. First time EVER knitting with mohair and it seems so delicate, but is surprisingly strong. This color is gorgeous...I love my SP! I'm really enjoying working on this.


Michelle said...

OHH I love your color for wicked!! it is so pretty! Hope your yarn comes soon!!

Kate said...

yay for wicked! order lots of yarn - lots & lots of yarn - even if you have way too much, at least you won't panic the whole time (like me!)

Anonymous said...

And you have other yarn on the way...hee hee

SP xx

Dee said...

You've got some gorgeous projects going here! I love the color of the mohair. I hope you get your Wicked yarn soon. :)