Sunday, June 30, 2013

Back...with knitting, elvis & other stuff

The other day I was knitting away and started thinking about before the knitting mania set in and how I loved to cross stitch, sew & embroider. This got me motivated to dig out a small little kit that I bought years ago from the dollar bin at Michaels. While I can't say that I will pull out all my embroidery floss/patterns/kits and bury myself in the world of cross's fun at the moment and a nice break from the miles of garter on my Happy Street. Happy Street is almost done! I've got the last few rows of the gray, bind-off & weaving in ends - hurrah~ Mine is knit with Dancing Dog Dye Works Twist Sock --- Michelle offered Happy Street Kits with dark gray, light gray and your choice of color - I picked Beach Glass and I am SO happy with the combo. and lastly there's a little Elvis, because there should always be a little Elvis, right? To celebrate the 45th anniversary of the 68' Comeback, there is a fan mosaic making up this iconic image pretty cool huh? I of course had to send in my photo so I will now be a teeny tiny part of this awesome collaboration!


Carmen Sherlock said...
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Carmen Sherlock said...

Hi Susan! Just found you on Ravelry. Love your blog name as my last name is Sherlock! I have the yarn for Happy Street but haven't cast on yet. I thoroughly enjoyed her Color Affection so I'm sure I will enjoy this one too. The miles of garter stitch are great for keeping my hands busy while at my kids hockey games or for when I don't feel like thinking too much about what I'm knitting.

Funny you mentioned cross stitch. Like you, before the knitting bug bit, I used to do a fair amount of it but haven't touched in for years. On a recent visit to my parents' I ended up teaching my daughters how to cross stitch after they saw a few pieces I had done. While teaching them, I realized that I miss it and plan on doing the odd project here and there.

Take care and happy crafting!

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