Friday, July 08, 2011

Mama hates Mondays....

I had so much fun knitting this monster up! Malcolm the Monday Monster is a new pattern from Rebecca Danger in the latest issue of Knit Simple magazine, Fall 2011 issue.

My monster, which I've decided is pretty much me.. in monster form, can't quite function without that first cuppa joe. "Instant human, just add coffee" well, this is what I look like before I've had any caffeine ... ye-ow! Notice that artsy fartsy hand painted mug? That's a Jakey original and I adore it to bits. He made that for me at the rip ol'age of 6 and if you look closely you can make out M O M at the bottom of the mug ... awwwwwwwwwww ♥

Mama hate's Monday's monster was knit with the rest of my Dancing Dog Dye Works club yarn - Tropical Twist in Twist Sock. I divided the yarn in half and matched up the stripe sequence so I could knit w/the yarn held double for a DK weight. I used all but about 4 yards - talk about cutting it close! The safety eyes are from Etsy seller 6060 - this monster used 9mm.

If you hate Monday's as much as I do, knit one of these little monsters and you're sure to start your week off with a smile!

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Jess said...

Love him. Your blog inspires me.