Monday, December 03, 2007

Death of a hard drive

I'm still in Christmitts knitting mode. Which helped in distracting me from the sudden demise of my computers hard drive. Everything......G-O-N-E. I'm in download Hell. It sucks. On a positive note, I received this wonderful package from Natalie of Hapagirl Knits. We were partnered up for the Knitters Coffee Exchange. Natalie is a mighty fine spoiler. Check out the swag (and don't hate me too much for scoring such an awesome Pal)
Notice how everything color coordinates. So cool. Fiber-licious. Fabric-licious. Choco-licious.
Super cute yarn cuter. Cool beans as in coffee beans baby...magnets & stitch markers. And, Yes...MORE chocolate!
Totally rad, retro coffee themed napkins. Biscotti to die for and the coffee....sweet nectar of the Gods. The aroma is heavenly. A big, fat, jumpsuit Elvis Thankyuhverymuch!!! to Natalie for the fantastic package. You're a doll!

Serpentine mitts w/single skein of Koigu KPPPM. (can't remember the color number - freak'in Koigu with the numbers)

Back to the knits/mitts. (at least I've got coffee and chocolate to fuel the fire)


Jess said...

I am sorry about your computer. That really sucks in a "screaming bloody murder at the top of your lungs for a prolonged amount of time" sort of way.
Your Christmas knitting is looking fabu. And that package, lets just say I may have tried to reach through the screen. In my defense, it is something like 8 am and I have no coffee in the house...
The coffee bean stitch markers are wonderful. I love those. Very clever!

Robin said...

I absolutely LOVE those mitts! Just beautiful!

Robin said...

I absolutely LOVE those mitts! Just beautiful!

meg said...

Oh my GAD! So sorry about the hard drive. I hope everything works out.

You are such an inspiring knitter. Really!

I'm on my 4th Tribble and waiting for my Orange Touche to arrive in the mail so I can totally bite your ideas. :)

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Yarn It said...

The compute issue is a huge bummer. Not fun! That package, however, would make any knitters day! Those mitts are cute. I have skein of koigu so maybe I should knit some up!

Bashirs Momma said...

So sorry about the computer. Been there, done that, drank heavily to get over it... *sigh* But I do love all your Christmas projects and prezzies! Have a happy!

By the way, I am Bashirsmomma on ravelry.

Happy Holidays!