Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Doing the hand jive baby

Nobody ever tells you how difficult it is to photograph your own hands. It's ridiculously hard!
Taken at 7:00 am...not too bad. 1:00 am...blurry. Both the photo and my eyes.
7:00 isn't great, but it'll do.
1:00 is much clearer, but eyes are not. (Time for bed)
7:30 am find high priced super model to work for you.
Killer Bees attack my kitchen radio and then swarm Jake's foot. Don't panic, no children were harmed or stung, but the victim did report a case of cold feet.
Yarn Pirates October Booty Club shipment "Killer Bees" colorway. We are renaming them Monster Mash!
Zen Yarn Garden socks for my wonderful mail carrier Miranda who is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments.
Miranda is one tough cookie and I know she will kick cancers ass!


Kate said...

you have such a good heart!

Robin said...

Cute mitts! It *is* very difficult to take pictures of your own hands.

Devonshire said...

You are so kind and generous - I'm sure with your sock love Miranda will be able to go that extra mile! Love all the photos and projects.

Jess said...

You are such a kind person. I admire your heart.
And on top of that, you knit radical stuff! And take awesome pictures of your own hands! Multi-talented.

Bashirs Momma said...

Yarn Pirates October Booty Club? How come I never heard of this? Does Johnny Depp come and model clothes for you, too? I mean, that's the kind of booty I'm talking about...

jackie said...

the socks for amanda are really beautiful. what a thoughtful gift. and taking hand pictures is tough! great mitts though!

meg said...

love the mitts.

that's a really thoughtful gift. i bet she loves them.