Thursday, September 13, 2007

The F word

So here's the deal. To quote a fellow Sexy Knitter....

I am a Filthy Fifi Slacker. Brought along on vacation with the intention of making some "real progress" ..... But in reality, she spent the entire week balled up, tucked away and completely ignored.
It seems, however, that even though she won the SKC Kal for 'Most Popular' by a land slide....Other knitters have neglected their Fifi's as well. There has been dismal turnout for completed Fifi's on SKC blog and just as I was considering retiring mine to the frog pond... Gay posted hers. I'm in love with Fifi all over again...and obsessed with Gay's Fifi. (minds out of the gutter please) I had always envisioned Fifi w/longer sleeves and body, but Gay's is the first and only finished one I've seen. And, really, could she have picked a more beautiful color. It's GORGEOUS!
Thanks Gay, I hope my Fifi turns out half as fabulous as yours!

And now onto Socks.
There may have been a lack of knitting in my posts, but that certainly does not mean I haven't been knitting.
Current wip is a pair of socks for Jake. He wanted red & black. Thanks to Nanachan7 on Etsy, I found what I was looking for :)
One down, one to go...with a little extra toe room for a growing boy!

Next up are my Rocktober Ribbed socks. This was my vacation knitting (sorry Fifi) I've had this skein for a while and it was the lucky winner of what to knit in the car ride up and back. The photo's don't do this colorway justice. If you have the Socks that Rock -Rocktober from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, you won't be disappointed.
Lastly, I knit up my Oogie Boogie socks from Dharma Fey's Cosmic Fibers on Etsy....Carrie from Socks in the City podcast created this yarn, as well as an entire series from Nightmare Before Christmas. She still has a few colorways left, so go check it out.
This final shot is of the newest member of the family. I introduce to you Treyson Alexander, one month old! Proud Papa, Great Auntie, Mr. T, (second cousin) aka the Karate Kid, Beautiful Mama and Great Uncle. Welcome to the family Trey! We love you!!!!

As for the F word..... the new Knitty is up!!!! I want to knit this, and that, ummm this one too and oh yeah, maybe that as well and how cute is this???? Don't even get me started on the baby freak'in sweet, my teeth ache! Hey Treyson...Do you want your Auntie to knit you a new cap???? bwahahahahahah!


Devonshire said...

Your Fifi will definatly look gorgeous!!! Love the new socks too. Congrats to your family on the new addition - possibly a Halloween hat for the new little one....

Jess said...

Congrats to the family on producing such beautiful offspring. Can't wait to see what you knit for the little un.
You produce socks like- so fast. Every time you blog I swear, there is a new pair of socks or 7 finished... what's your secret... my sock yarn stash wants to know!

Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

Very artistic photo of your Fifi! :-)

And your socks look fabulous too! That red and black yarn is beautiful! :-))

mary said...

what beautiful socks! I saw your post on the grey's KAL site about having grey's anatomy sock yarn from whiteoakstudio. I emailed her and she'll make me some, too - but figured I should first verify what it looks like - could you share a description? she has fingering and sport weight, so I want to see how verigated/what colors before I pick a project. Thanks so much!

jackie said...

from one filthy fifi slacker to another, at least you have started yours and it looks wonderful! as do the socks!