Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Shock the Monkey

So what do you get when you combine a Pirate and a Monkey?

Well, maybe....But this is what I came up with.
Cookie A.'s Monkey sock in Yarn Pirates "Karma" colorway! (I joined my first ever sock club this weekend - I'm officially a member of the Yarn Pirate's Booty Club. Arrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!!!)
Just look @ all those yummy colors. This here is the Monkey sock in STR "Fire on the Mountain" colorway.

Gorgeous color and pattern * no pooling * Hurray!
But, there's just one little problem. Okay, big problem.
I didn't do a gauge swatch AND I used medium weight. D'Oh!
Just call me Sasquatch - Sasha for short.
Disaster, but they are just so beautiful, I haven't the heart to frog them. They"ll probably become "house slippers" because they are so ridiculously loose. In my defense, I was mesmerized by all the pretty colors. ( the length of that heel alone should have been a red light, Right?) Yeah, well...... in my euphoric state I kept on a knitt'in.

My pal Jess has recently opened an Etsy store. This is my constant traveling companion for ze'sock knitting. I love this little bag....The only thing is, I need about 10 more to keep all my wip's in order. :0)
Visit Jess @ Messie Craftie and have a look. She has much more to offer so stop by and check out her stuff. We can all use a nifty place to store our knitting projects. (or hide freakishly huge socks)


Ragged Around the Edges said...

Ooooh, loving the colorway. . . beautiful.

And I must have one of those bags.

mary said...

When I knit my hederas, they were quite big, so i ended up machine washing and drying them. They lightly felted but now they fit perfectly. And they are so soft and squishy too.

meg said...

oh i loooooove that colorway - karma. it looks so great with that pattern.

Heidi Bo Bitey said...

I am so excited to get to follow along on your knitting adventures. GLad you you found me.

Dipsy said...

I can well imagine why you haven't got the heart to frog these - what an awesome colorway! Very beautiful indeed!

jennifersm said...

Hi, Susan. I see I'm not the only one getting a Monkey fix! You've chosen beautiful colorways, too.

Jess said...

YAY! How cool to read one of my favorite bloggers blogs, to find I am part of it! So glad you like your bag. It was probably my favorite of the bunch! Thanks for sharing my links!
I love your str monkeys. ( I know what you mean about the colors! ) I kinda wished I would have done mine in that pattern! Sigh. next pair. As soon as I saw yarn pirate talking about a sock club, I thought of you. ;) The socks look great, no matter how small or large. Really. :)

Megan said...

Ha! Love the socks! I did the same thing with a pair of mittens last winter. If you find a recipient for those socks (you know, if the circus meanders through town or something) let me know.

Roberta said...

Hee! I did the same thing with my first Monkeys, and they were HUGE when I finally tried them on. STR is superwash, so you can't really shrink them, but it does wash up nicely, and they are super comfy! :)

Dharmafey said...

OH i do love me some socks. Monkeys are the best, aren't they? The socks I currently am working on are going to be too big--hopefully the recipient won't mind.

Melissa said...

I love the monkey socks! Its such a pretty colorway. I really should get back into the sock knitting....