Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Progress report

Colinette mohair scarf completed! This gorgeous yarn was a gift from Fab Sue, who inspires me with her knitting talent, humor & kindness. Thanks Sue!...and I'm looking forward to your knitting mystery.... the Un-Baaaa-lievable one!!!!
Light as a feather.....and just in time for Valentines Day.
Ummmm, remember this guy???? SSS struck big time, but I'm back on track and working on #2. (Seriously, when your feet are this white, they need to stay covered.)
Last, but certainly not least....the latest distraction/project. "Shop till you drop bag" in Hemp. I've been wanting to try knitting w/hemp for a while, but couldn't commit to anything wearable. And really, who couldn't use another bag? The color is........Pumpkin.
No surprise there;)


cristina said...

how does the hemp yarn feel? i imagine its pretty strong...but is it rough on the hands to knit with (like euroflax linen is)?
p.s. the scarf came out great.

Wye Sue said...

Scarf looks brill, well done :-)

Hemp might start off rough, but once it is washed it will soften up. Trust you to find a colour called pumpkin !!

Zonda said...

The scarf is beautiful! Socks looking good, I hate it when SSS sets in! (from the KAL)
:) I like the pumpkin colored hemp!

tiennie said...

The scarf is great. Glad you broke through the SSS!

blueadt said...

I'm knitting some socks for my DH soon & he's also got big feet - I just know that he's going to wait loads of pairs....