Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Wye Sue is My Sue!

Here is my loot & booty from The BEST Pal ever, Sue from the Wye Valley. (near the border with England & Wales) Sue has been an amazing Secret Pal and spoiled me so much I am ruined for future exchanges! he he he.
Snack attack! Yummy goodness with sweets & salt. Armando devoured the Mr. Porky's and has saved the package so I can order more online! My favorites are the shortbread cookies and Jakey of course loves all the chocolates. And look, there is MORE..........................................
Sue sent me a teeny, tiny sock blocker key chain. Wouldn't that make cute Christmas ornaments....hmmm...better get on it. Also was a photo disc and brochure for "the Knitted Garden". Sue created the Mole & Squirrel up the bird table. My Sue is a "Knitting Star" who lives near a Colinette Mill ....AND.....drum roll please.....gets paid to knit for them! Now is there a more perfect job out there??? I think NOT!
And...a super cute Robot key chain for Jake.....which I am trying to get my hands on. I'll have to bribe him eventually I'm sure.
Tah Dah....scrumptious, yummy yarns in unbelievably beautiful colors! I told you I have the best Pal in the world! Sue is not only overly generous with her gifts, but also with her heart & time. Over these 3 months I got to know her through our emails and I could tell she was someone special. After reading her blog, Sue really is a remarkable woman. Selfless, kind and unconditionally giving of her time, I am truly lucky to have met her. Thank you Sue. I look forward to continuing our friendship......(You are not rid of me so easy...he he he). You have been a wonderful Pal and I'm so very glad to have met you.


Wye Sue said...

Glad you liked them all.
I look forward to seeing what you make from them !!!

Take care


maylin said...

Just popped by to say hi 'cos Nickerjac said to. So hi there and long live Secret Pals