Tuesday, January 09, 2007

If I give you enough rope???

Inspired by my Secret Pals MAD knitting skills on an Aran sweater she recently knit (in record time!) for her SIL.....I present....The double cable scarf from One Skein.
I'm using Rowan's "Calmer" for this project.
I purchased a single ball of this yarn over the summer from my LYS because I loved the color and it is Super Duper soft;)
I'm using size 7 needles although the pattern called for 9's & chunky yarn....So my scarf is waaaaay skinnier (is skinnier a word?) and since it's not complete I'm not sure about the length yet.
Anyway, it's a drop in the bucket to the cable work my Pal conquered. But she definately inspired me.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Skinnier scarves are better - unless you have a thick neck ;-)
Glad to be in inspiration...

I have been tagged recently as being 'delightfully mad'.... say no more !!!

SP xx