Sunday, November 12, 2006

When a threat should remain just that, a threat.

When good Mom's go bad.

Okay, so here's the deal.

I spend a good 30 to 40 minutes at least, trying to cut Jake's hair. He won't sit still, he squirms & wiggles. He complains constantly from start to finish. "I'm itchy, are you done yet, I want to see...." You get the picture.
So, after numerous threats. They go back about 2 or 3 years. I followed through. I swore over and over again, cursing under my breath, that if he did not sit still & let me finish I would shave it all off. Well I did it and here is the end result. Some before & after pics.

The good news - He has a ton of hair & it does grow VERY quickly. So, fingers crossed I will be doing haircut negotiations in about a month or so. It's super easy to wash & hassle free on school mornings!

The bad news - He looked at himself in the mirror and muttered "I look ridiculous". No lie, those were his actual words. AND he got a "Sad Gram" for screaming and throwing paper towels @ a student who reportedly called him 'Baldy' the first day he sported his new look to school.

Well, time heals all wounds & we have all adjusted to my lapse in judgment. I can only hope I have scarred him enough to sit still for the NEXT haircut.........

-Mando thinks we should start calling him Butch!


Kate said...

That is fabulous. I had crazy curls when I was little - I still do actually - and my parents used to threaten to shave my head if I didn't quit crying when they tried to brush my hair - luckily I was a cute little girl - maybe your son's low maintenance haircut will grow on him :) No pun intended :)

Splindarella said...

Awwww...poor kid. I actually like the haircut a lot -- I think he looks great with his buzz cut!

L'Tanya said...

I think it looks adorable with his haircut.